Happy New Year! Welcome 2008!

newyears.gifHappy New Year!

2007 is gone, fading into the sands of time.  With it passes the “official 25th Anniversary year”, the old forums and main page, as well as the 8″ scale line.

2008 will be an exciting year to be a GIJoe.  Hasbro will announce the status of the comic book license, filming will begin on the live-action motion picture, and fans will have more new-construction figures heading to stores than they can shake a stick at.  There will be more dio-stories from folks like General Hawk, Violentfix, and Spin Doctor and more customs from a score of talented folks out there who continually astound us all with their creativity and sculpting prowess. 

So, to all the folks who visit JBL to “get their fix” of news, reviews, and discussion of our favorite “Real American Heroes”, I’d like to wish you all a safe and happy New Year!  May 2008 exceed its predecessor in terms of health and happiness!

Yo Joe!