GIJCC: Footloose is shipping and CC monitoring for members!

Last night the Collector’s Club dropped a “one-two-punch” email into the inbox of its membership.   The first piece of news is that the 2012 renewal figure of Footloose is starting to ship to members who renewed by the March deadline.  That’s right– the second Infantryman of the G.I. Joe is on its way soon!

The second item is that GIJCC members should be on the lookout for a letter coming via mail.  Inside is an individual code redeemable for a year of free credit card monitoring.  It’s a very unexpectedly proactive step that the Club has taken– one that is most likely generated by the volume of criticism over the handling of the recent data breach that affected members of both Fun Pub’s major clubs.

The full contents of the email are posted below:

Here are the latest updates from the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club:

SURPRISE! This week we started mailing the FREE membership figures for 2012!  We were able to get these manufactured much earlier this year, so off they go to you!  It will take several weeks for them to reach all of the membership, so please be patient.  If you don’t receive your figure by the end of May, please let us know.

In your April issue of the Club Magazine, you will find a letter that offers:  credit card fraud counseling; instructions on how to place a credit alert on your accounts; and a free one-year subscription to a Credit Monitoring and Identity Theft Recovery Service that we have purchased on your behalf.

If you have received any evidence of fraud on your credit cards, please call and make a report with the 800 number listed in the letter for the recovery services.

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GIJCC: 2012 Renewal figure video featuring Footloose

It seems that everything drops on the weekends I’m away from my computer.

The G. I. Joe Collector’s Club released a new “video preview” of the 2012 1:18 renewal figure– G.I. Joe Infantryman Footloose!  The figure is a great homage to the original, right down to the helmet and rocket launcher.  Lucky fans who were able to acquire one of the Special Mission: Brazil 2 convention sets last year have already had the opportunity to preview the new head sculpt in person as Claymore and Footloose have always been “tooling twins.”

Last year’s renewal figure Dial Tone sold out in record time and is now commanding some decent prices on the secondary market.  If you’re at all interested in this figure, make certain your club membership is active as of March 16, 2012.  Just visit to ensure Footloose will be arriving at your barracks!

*cue the Kenny Loggins music*