GIJCC: 2012 Renewal figure video featuring Footloose

It seems that everything drops on the weekends I’m away from my computer.

The G. I. Joe Collector’s Club released a new “video preview” of the 2012 1:18 renewal figure– G.I. Joe Infantryman Footloose!  The figure is a great homage to the original, right down to the helmet and rocket launcher.  Lucky fans who were able to acquire one of the Special Mission: Brazil 2 convention sets last year have already had the opportunity to preview the new head sculpt in person as Claymore and Footloose have always been “tooling twins.”

Last year’s renewal figure Dial Tone sold out in record time and is now commanding some decent prices on the secondary market.  If you’re at all interested in this figure, make certain your club membership is active as of March 16, 2012.  Just visit to ensure Footloose will be arriving at your barracks!

*cue the Kenny Loggins music*