Joe Con 2017: Battle Force 2000 Blocker revealed

A new week and a new Joe Con 2017 preview.  Meet Battle Force 2000 Eliminator driver Blocker!

G.I. Joe Con 2017 Battle Force 2000 Blocker

G.I. JOE BF 2000 TEAM:
David “Blocker” McCarthy

– 25th Anniversary Style/Fully Poseable Action Figure.
– 1st Modern Era Release of Character based on 1987 design.
– NEW Head Sculpt and includes removable Vest,
Tactical Shotgun, original XL-13 Laser weapon,
with G.I. Joe Logo Stand.

(Note: Photo depicts action figure mock-up and final product may slightly differ.)

Just like that we’ve now seen every member of the Joe Con 2017 iteration of Battle Force 2000.

Blocker’s not bad… It looks like we’ve got another Club use of the Retaliation G.I. Joe Trooper web gear to recreate the original 1987 Blocker torso.  I see my least favorite Pursuit of Cobra Snake Eyes lower legs as well.  We do get a brand new head sculpt for the figure– but it appears to be missing the visor found on the original figure.  Really?  That’s kind of big omission but the Club seems to be going with head sculpts that require ZERO additional attachments these days– most likely to keep costs down.  Thank goodness that cost savings was passed on to the Joe Con 2017 attendees.  Oh wait

Overall, it’s a decent approximation of the original vintage figure.  Plus, there’s the recreated 1987 sidearm that the Club has tooled up for each member of the team.

With this preview we’re down to the preview of the new BAT v1.8 — of which there will be eight included in the set.  (Let’s hope it’s good.)

In case you’re keeping score, here’s the roster and all of the previews shown thus far:

Battle Force 2000:


According to the convention brochure, this year’s Joe Con 2017 boxed set will retail for $410.00.  Also, there’s no word on souvenir pricing at this time although it’s a safe bet that prices will remain at or around levels seen in both 2015 and 2016.  With so many vehicle drivers in the mix it’s a sure bet that the souvenirs this year will be mostly vehicles.  The question remains– which vehicle molds will be repainted and reused?

For more information on this year’s event at Walt Disney World, visit!