Joe Con 2017: Battle Force 2000 Dodger unveiled

The Joe Con 2017 preview came early today with a look at Battle Force 2000’s Dodger!

G.I. Joe Con 2017 Battle Force 2000 Dodger

G.I. JOE BF 2000 TEAM:

– 25th Anniversary Style/Fully Poseable Action Figure.
– 1st Modern Era Release of Character based on 1987 design.
– NEW Head Sculpt and includes removable Vest, Gaunlet,
Tactical Shotgun, original Ulta-Sonic Photon Rifle,
with G.I. Joe Logo Stand.

(Note: Photo depicts action figure mock-up and final product may slightly differ.)

Okay, I’ll just say it— “a swing… and a miss!!!”

I get it… not every one of these previews can be a winner.  In the case of Dodger… yeah, I don’t know what happened.

Several years ago, I sat down and reviewed the 1987 Battle Force 2000 Dodger figure.  Of all of his compatriots, Dodger was the most realistic looking in terms of overall design.  From this sculpted web gear, to the darker hues of green and orange used for his uniform, to the helmet design, the Marauder driver conveyed the impression that his design might be plausible someday in the future.  The only thing about his design that seemed truly fantastic was his rifle and that was my least favorite part.

I don’t know– maybe it’s the fact that this image is HEAVILY Photoshopped.  Maybe it’s the fact that the odd hue of metallic green is so prevalent that it overpowers the entire image.  I just know that the figure that I was looking forward to the most in this Joe Con 2017 isn’t all that and a bag of chips in this preview.  At all… (Plus, I really really hate those gimmicky Snake Eyes legs.)  He’s missing some of the bulk that made the original Dodger so impressive. Plus, where’s the comms gear from his helmet?

We’re now over the halfway point when it comes to the previews of this year’s set.  So far, the reaction online has been “lukewarm” to the set.  Hopefully the remaining three previews will knock it out of the park as fans have been requesting Battle Force 2000 for years now.  (I hate to think of what the Club will charge for the souvenir vehicles this year.)

Here’s the roster, just in case:

Battle Force 2000:


According to the convention brochure, this year’s Joe Con 2017 boxed set will retail for $410.00.  Also, there’s no word on souvenir pricing at this time although it’s a safe bet that prices will remain at or around levels seen in both 2015 and 2016.  Regardless, it will be interesting to see how the Club intends to replicate the signature vehicles of this DARPA-inspired team.  Could another RHINO re-release be in the works?

For more information on this year’s event at Walt Disney World, visit!

3 thoughts on “Joe Con 2017: Battle Force 2000 Dodger unveiled

  1. Parts layout as far as I can tell:
    -New head
    -ROC Hawk torso
    -POC Jungle Duke upper arms with POC Law lower arms and hands (same combo found on the 50th Anniversary Dusty)
    -POC Skydive upper legs and knees with 25th Anniversary Night Creeper lower legs/feet (same combo as the Retaliation Night-Viper)
    -POC Shocktrooper vest
    -Spy Troops Destro shotgun
    -Retooled ’87 Dodger rifle
    -Resolute Flint shotgun shell armband

  2. I hate to say it, but I’d rather they saved the tooling budget and not use custom personal weapons. Being a “from the archives” style story, the XM8 or XM29 would have been futuristic enough.

  3. I know that this is only a digital mock-up, but man, do they need to feed him more ham and lima beans! I’m supposing that only two figures will come with removable helmets as did the vintage originals? What I actually miss the most is the sculpted texture and paint jobs on guys like Dodger, Avalanche, and Blocker.

    These are leaning more towards my “someday” list rather than my “must order NOW” one, not unlike how the Eco Warrior set ended up, and I still haven’t sought those guys out to this day…

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