G.I. JOE Fanboy Gets to Make the Video Game

Official game tie-in

Official game tie-in

LazyGamer posted an article by Dax Berg, Lead Designer at Double Helix Ahh – the studio that is reponsible for the forthcoming GIJoe video game that will be distributed by Electronic Arts. 

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The cover art of the game was unveiled at EA’s online store.

New details on EA’s forthcoming GIJoe video game!

Electronic Arts logoHungry for a new way to “Get your Joe on”?

BusinessWire.com has some new details concerning EA’s forthcoming movie tie-in video game based on the live-action GIJoe motion picture.  Featuring 12 playable characters and single screen co-op, this game continues the action from the motion picture on all three consoles.  (Thanks to Mercer for the heads-up!)

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It’s Official – Electronic Arts to release G.I. Joe video game

Electronic Arts logoRumors have persisted that Electronic Arts would be producing a GI Joe video game to coincide with the movie release in August of 2009.  This article from Variety confirms a Hasbro/Electronic Arts deal that will result in several Hasbro video game properties, including GI Joe.

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