Potential Hasbro plans for 2008?

Hasbro logoCoolToyReview.com has posted potential plans for G.I. Joe and Hasbro for the 2008 selling season. We’ve got no confirmation of this information, so consider it rumor material for now, but some interesting details nonetheless. Details are as follows:

As anyone who has had the pleasure of speaking to the creative teams at Hasbro can tell you, they have certainly learned how to listen to what people have to say and they know when they are on the right track. They’ll prove the point again in 2008 by continuing their G.I. Joe line where the 25th Anniversary Collection left off.

At the current time, we can expect no less than 24 single carded 3 ¾” action figures. In addition to the single carded assortments, we can expect to see the following:

3 ¾” Comic Book Two Packs

There are 18 two packs planned for 2008, each of them will include a brand new comic written by Larry Hama.

3 ¾” Battle Packs

This is planned to be a series of five four packs, each with a part of a five-issue self-contained comic book story. The sets will be broken up over three series. The first two waves will have towo sets each, and the third wave will have the final set in the series.

3 3/4” Vehicle Assortment

The first three waves of vehicles will be somewhat retooled updates of the classic vehicles from the original collection. In total we’ll see ten vehicles over the three waves.

12” Action Figures

A Real American Hero will once again be visiting the 1/6 scale action figure market with both a basic series and a deluxe assortment. Collectors can expect many of their favourite Joes and Cobras represented in this line.”

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