Podcast: What’s on Joe Mind Episode 34 – Retaliation trailer and John Barber

The guys at What’s On Joe Mind have released Episode 34 of their ongoing podcast series.  Here’s the synopsis according to General Hawk:

It’s the G.I. Joe: Retaliation trailer episode!  Initially we had planned to do a pretty light weight episode and work in a great interview with IDW’s John Barber, but then the whole G.I. Joe: Retaliation trailer launched and that kind of went out the window.

Oh don’t worry, we still spend some good time talking G.I. Joe comics with John Barber, but we also devote some attention to the awesome G.I. Joe: Retaliation trailer and manage to talk about some other G.I. Joe stuff as well.  There’s a little of everything here!

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Podcast: What’s on Joe Mind #33 is online!

The guys at What’s on Joe Mind have posted their latest episode!  Here’s the “official” synopsis!

What do you do when one Chuck isn’t enough?  You add another, that’s what ya do!  Chuck from the very popular podcast, StarJoes joins us as a guest to double your Chuck power for the week.  StarJoes Chuck gives an impressive performance.  WOJM Chuck, just throws in the “rag.”  From the mailbag we ready Monte’s letter concerning theigh cuts and other items to make it easier to customize.  Hear the reactions from the live Tweet as man-cards were retracted then later reissued.  In the news, wave 3 just got here and it looks like wave 4 is nipping at its heels.  A date for COIL Con III is revealed.  The club debuts some more detail on the FSS figures and cardart, while Justin and Gary give their thoughts on the behavior of the fandom towards the club.  IDW crowns a new Cobra Commander – ample spoilers are given, you have been warned.  Ellen Tigh is still the 13th Cylon; sorry its a 5 year old show, spoiler limitations do not apply.  If you need more Joe on TV, The Hub is now showing season 2 of the Joe toon.  Lastly the crew wraps it up by discussing the Joe-molded Jurassic Park figures that were originally destined for TRU, but are showing up in various Asian markets.  Greg was moody so we ended it short so he could get some sleep.  Shhh, don’t laugh too loud, you’ll wake him.

You can check out the episode here!

GI Joe Podcasting RETURNS: “What’s on JOE Mind?” is here!

Ever miss chatting with your buds at JoeCon?  Ever wondered what Joe Talk would sound like on the radio?  Do you like Podcasts?  If you answered yes to any of these you need to check out the Joe Community’s #1 GI Joe Podcast, “What’s on JOE Mind?”  (WOJM for short)  Every week JBL forum members General Hawk, Crosshair, Cmderinchief and new guy chuckdawg1999 review the news of the last week and interview community personalities, some you might even know yourself!  Discuss it in our forums now and find links and notes to their past shows.  Check out the story after the break to read more about the show.


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Podcast: GIJoe Review #24 now online!

GIJoe: Review - the web's best GIJoe comics podcast

GIJoe: Review - the web's best GIJoe comics podcast

The folks at GIJoe Review are back Episode #24!

This episode discusses issues #48 & #49 of the classic Marvel Comics GIJoe: A Real American Hero series as well as offers a look back at issues #1 – #49.

The episode is available by direct download as well as through Apple’s iTunes service.

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G.I. Joe Review Podcast #22

gijoereview.gifG.I.Joe Review Episode 22 – Interview with Andy Schmidt

(44:31) The guys interview Andy Schmidt, editor of IDW’s G.I.Joe books.

You can direct download Episode 022 here.

They’re on iTunes as well, with a direct link here, and if you’re non-iTunes, you can check the rss feed.

You will be able to find the archives at: http://gijoereview.libsyn.com/

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GIJoe Review: Episode 18 is LIVE!

gijoereview.gifThe web’s GIJoe-dedicated podcast is back with a new episode!

Episode 18 of GIJoe: Review has been posted! The crew discusses all of the recent new products and news that was revealed at the 2008 San Diego Comic Con and offers their opinions on what the future holds for everyone’s favorite Real American Heroes!

Past episodes of the series may be found here.

GI Joe Review: Episode 16 – now available!

gijoereview.gifSidewinder and crew are back!

The folks at GIJoe review has posted the latest installment in their ongoing podcast series. Episode 16 discusses the 2008 Collector’s Convention in Dallas, TX and helps to bring the experience home for those who were unable to attend.

The episode is also available on Apple’s iTunes service and the full archive of past episodes may be found here.

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GIJoe Review: Episode 13 is now available!

gijoereview.gifThe web’s premiere GIJoe Comic podcast is back!

The crew from GIJoe Review return with an all-new podcast which covers issues #31 – #33 of the classic Marvel Comics Series including the battle at Snake Eyes’ cabin as well as the return of the Soft Master, the introduction of Ripcord and Lady Jaye, and even the assassination attempt on Cobra Commander by Billy!

You can download the episode here or via iTunes.

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GIJoe Review: Episode 11 now up for download!

gijoereview.gifEpisode 11 of the only podcast dedicated to the Marvel Comics GIJoe series is now available for download!

Join Ghost, Mayor, and Sidewinder as they discuss issues #25 – #27 of the classic Marvel series as well as the latest GIJoe movie rumors and fandom news. If you’ve missed an episode, you can check out the entire series at the GIJoe Review Archive or on iTunes!