IDW’s panel at FX International!

idwChuck Dixon and Robert Atkins were at the FX International show in Orlando and dished up a plethora of information about the future of GIJoe at IDW Publishing– including the change of GIJoe: Origins from a mini-series to a monthly title!

Check out the details over at! (Thanks to Mercer for the heads-up.  We missed you, man!)

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GI Joe children’s book coming from IDW

    Chris Ryall Publisher and Editer-in-Chief of IDW talks about the upcoming GI Joe Childrens Book.                       

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hooking ’em when they’re young is the other half of the battle

gijoe21webIn New York, we showed a few quick slides of an upcoming G.I. JOE children’s picture book/graphic novel hybrid that were doing in July, but that’s really been the extent of images we’ve shown. So here’s a more detailed look at the book, which is aimed squarely at early readers (4-7-year-olds. Those kids love their guns-n-grenades, so who are we to deny them that? Even if the grenades might not make it onto the final printed pages). Continue reading

Newsarama previews GIJoe #0!

idwjoe0.jpgWhy waste words on meaningless expository text? has a preview from the forthcoming GIJoe: A Real American Hero #0 that’s set to hit shelves later this month!  It’s a new era for the Joes in a book that’s not tied to the release of figures and vehicles– written by Larry Hama himself.

Check out the full preview! (A big thanks to Phil Kost of for the heads-up!)

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idw.gifThe following interview by the legandary scribe Larry Hamma.                                           LARRY HAMA G.I. JOE Q&A
The scribe for the new IDW relaunch of America’s realest heroes dishes on the new series

By Matt Powell
Posted 7/3/2008

Comicdom’s soldier-of-fortune Larry Hama has been enlisted to helm the cult war comic G.I. Joe fresh on the slate from IDW. With countless hours of Joe scripts under his belt, Hama’s way beyond basic training to ground the Joes in their new re-launch. A #0 issue of the series will bow this October with an ongoing to begin next January. With series art by Robert Atkins, you can expect the Joes to look good while skinning Cobra hide.

Recently Wizard caught up with the veteran scribe to get the lowdown on his new tour of duty with the Joe team.

WIZARD: Larry, how does it feel to revisit the characters from G.I. Joe?

HAMA: It feels great to be back in the saddle with characters I care about and with an amazing amount of free rein!

Wizard:Before you got back on the title—given your long history with the characters—did you ever find yourself frequently coming up with new ideas for the series in your spare time or in between other projects with hopes of revisiting the team?

HAMA: I don’t really think in terms of plot. Never have. I think that when the companies have to rely on “events” to sell their books, they are admitting bankruptcy of their characters. It should all be character driven. That’s the sort of thing that pops into my head when I am doing something else—”Oh, how would Snake-Eyes react to that?”

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IDW announced as new comic publisher!

idw.gifThanks to our good friend Phil Kost over at for the alert– IDW Publishing has been announced as the new recipient of the GIJoe comic license!

According to the press release, the first products from this deal, a new monthly comic book series based on classic G.I. JOE vs. COBRA lore, will be launched with an introductory debut issue in October 2008. Featuring all-new storylines, the comics will portray the epic struggle of the G.I. JOE team against the evil forces of COBRA, while highlighting the brand’s favorite heroes and villains that made kids of the ‘80s today’s fans.

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