idw.gifThe following interview by the legandary scribe Larry Hamma.                                           LARRY HAMA G.I. JOE Q&A
The scribe for the new IDW relaunch of America’s realest heroes dishes on the new series

By Matt Powell
Posted 7/3/2008

Comicdom’s soldier-of-fortune Larry Hama has been enlisted to helm the cult war comic G.I. Joe fresh on the slate from IDW. With countless hours of Joe scripts under his belt, Hama’s way beyond basic training to ground the Joes in their new re-launch. A #0 issue of the series will bow this October with an ongoing to begin next January. With series art by Robert Atkins, you can expect the Joes to look good while skinning Cobra hide.

Recently Wizard caught up with the veteran scribe to get the lowdown on his new tour of duty with the Joe team.

WIZARD: Larry, how does it feel to revisit the characters from G.I. Joe?

HAMA: It feels great to be back in the saddle with characters I care about and with an amazing amount of free rein!

Wizard:Before you got back on the title—given your long history with the characters—did you ever find yourself frequently coming up with new ideas for the series in your spare time or in between other projects with hopes of revisiting the team?

HAMA: I don’t really think in terms of plot. Never have. I think that when the companies have to rely on “events” to sell their books, they are admitting bankruptcy of their characters. It should all be character driven. That’s the sort of thing that pops into my head when I am doing something else—”Oh, how would Snake-Eyes react to that?”

Wizard:Jumping into the new series, what can you tell us about the #0 issue that will debut in October?

HAMA: It’s a total re-boot. But, I’m doing it my way this time.

Wizard:Who’s on your roster at the start?

HAMA: Snake-Eyes, Scarlett, Duke, Hawk and Heavy Duty for sure. Others are sort of a surprise; so is the set-up.

Wizard:Aside from the Joes, what are the current states of the Joe villains at the start of the series?

HAMA: It will be before the alliances are cemented. ‘Nuff said!

Wizard:Is there a chance we’ll see Serpentor or at least a take on him?

HAMA: Could be!

Wizard:What’s one thing you definitely won’t do while your on tour with the Joes?

HAMA: Cobra La.

Wizard:With the GI Joe movie currently in production, have you been to the set to see filming or helped contribute to screenplay?

HAMA: I was there for the first day of shooting and did a cameo in uniform. I am also on board as a consultant.

Wizard:Have the screenwriter’s adapted any of your past Joe stories for the film?

HAMA: Like I said before, plots and events don’t register high in my world-view, but the writer has really nailed the characters, and that’s what counts.

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