G.I. Joe FSS 8 Munitia is the mercenary of your dreams!

The G.I. Joe Collector’s Club has unveiled the design for the FSS 8 Cobra Mercenary Munitia!

G.I. Joe Collector's Club FSS 8 Munitia

Code Name: MUNITIA
(Inspired by the 2008 DTC: GIJCC action figure.)
Features NEW head sculpt!
Includes: bladed pistol, assault rifle, radio, and figure stand.

Ah… Munitia… I’ve been waiting for this reveal ever since the Club announced her as part of FSS 8.

There are some characters that fans just find appealing, regardless of how little media presence that character may receive.  Such is the case with this mysterious mercenary femme fatale.  Munitia was initially slated to be released as part of the DTC Wave 4, a series of G.I. Joe that was exclusive to both HasbroToyShop.com and Toys R Us at the end of the o-ring era.  Sadly, that wave was cancelled along with the rest of the Direct-to-Consumer line and G.I. Joe went into a hiatus period at retail.  (Sound familiar?  The pendulum swings…) Continue reading

JBL Review: 2012 San Diego Comic Con G.I. Joe/Transformers Shockwave!

San Diego Comic Con exclusive Shockwave Destro Bat

The design team at Hasbro has established a new tradition for their San Diego Comic Con exclusives- G.I. Joe/Transformers crossover sets!  Last year it was Starscream as a Skystriker and Cobra Commander with Megatron.  This year the team took that concept and cranked the dial up to “11”!  Not only did this year’s set include the G.I. Joe Retaliation HISS tank turned into Shockwave, but it brought Destro, a BAT, and familiar-looking tape recorder along for the ride!

Check the JBL review of the 2012 G.I. Joe/Transformers exclusive set over at the newly launched Exclusives Review Index!

(See, I told you more reviews were coming!)

Hasbro Pre-Toy Fair images for G.I. Joe: Retaliation line!

G.I. Joe: Retaliation

It’s been a busy weekend here at JBL HQ and I apologize for not getting these up sooner.

Friday Hasbro knocked everyone’s socks off with an unprecedented “info dump” for Retalation– in the form of HI-RES images of everything from Basic Figure assortment to Alpha Vehicles to figure battle sets to kids role-play gear.  It’s a lot of images to digest– but I’m going to post them based upon which assortment they fall into.

It’s a lot of Joe overload all in one post!

Basic figure assortment:


Alpha vehicle assortment:


Bravo vehicle assortment:


Delta vehicle assortment:


Ninja Showdown assortment:


SDCC 2012 exclusives:


Roleplay assortment:


Battlers assortment:

Crimson HISS & 20% off + free shipping code for HasbroToyShop.com

Tis the season to buy presents… fa-lalala…

HasbroToyShop.com is seeking your holiday dollars and they’ve got a new product and an offer to tempt many a Joe fan!

Just added to their “New To HasbroToyShop” section is the Crimson HISS w/Crimson Horsemen.  Retailing at $19.99 it’s a slick new update on the Pursuit of Cobra HISS from last year.  Plus, it’s piloted by the first-ever Crimson Guard pilot specialist!   However, use the discount code “FNF20FS” and receive 20% off your order with FREE shipping!  Even better– there’s no minimum order so army builders can purchase tanks like the plastic candy they are!

Here’s the official announcement:

HasbroToyShop.com Friends & Family Offer
There’s still time to finish your holiday shopping! Shop now and save 20% OFF plus FREE SHIPPING on your next purchase at HasbroToyShop.com. Simply enter promo code FNF20FS during checkout to enjoy the savings. You’ll find the season’s hottest brands like, NERF, PLAYSKOOL, MONOPOLY, LITTLEST PET SHOP, TRANSFORMERS, SESAME STREET, BEYBLADE and more! Feel free to share this special event with friends and family! Offer ends December 18, 2011. 20 % off and FREE STANDARD SHIPPING on most orders at HasbroToyShop.com. Not valid on previous orders. Offer excludes purchases of HasbroToyShop.com exclusives, Hasbro’s Ultimate Gifts category, and PLAYATHON Fundraising Kits. This offer cannot be combined with any other coupon or offer. Subject to terms and conditions of use and HasbroToyShop.com policies. Void where prohibited. Offer expires December 18, 2011 11:59 pm (ET).

So, go get ’em gang!

Press images of Pursuit of Cobra vehicles waves 1 & 2!

More images from the folks in Pawtucket today!

Hasbro sent out press images of the vehicles that comprise Pursuit of Cobra waves 1 & 2.  Included are the HISS v5 that made its debut in Kansas City in 2009 (along with the Ice Cutter), the repurposed Sigma 6 Mechs, as well as a reissued Snow Cat– now dubbed the Wolf Hound.

For me, it’s a mixed bag.  The design of the new HISS intrigued me when Richard Woodhouse first unveiled it two years ago.  I really like the updates to the classic Sky Hawk design found on the Ghost Hawk, even if the pilot feels a bit uninspired.  The Joe’s new Steel Marauder reminds me of the walkers used in Roughnecks Starship Troopers– and that’s not a bad thing.  However the Deviant leaves me a bit cold.  Madmac41 keeps insisting that I need a Doom Cycle but the jury is still out on that way.

Check out the images in all their HI-Res glory in the gallery below!