Cobra Commander costume only $9.99 at 80’

It’s ironic that Mark Foster shared this with me today as I’d just been pondering what do dress up as for Halloween this year. has dropped the price on their classic hooded Cobra Commander costume to a whopping $9.99! That’s right, for $50.01 less than previously offered you can done the cowl and mantle of the greatest criminal mastermind our world has ever seen.

Feel like putting your face on the moon?  Toss this costume on and it becomes that much closer to reality!  Want to control an army of cloned dinosaurs?  This is the attire for you!

What are you waiting for– an invitation hand-delivered by the Springfield High School marching Vipers?  Order one and be the envy of all of those poor saps that dress up as Twilight characters this year because their girl friends made them!