Sharpshooter recreates G.I. Joe Retaliation trick shot

Remember this scene from G.I. Joe Retaliation?  You know– where Roadblock and Duke have a post-operation shooting contest to determine whether Roadblock takes his next promotion or if Duke babysits Marvin’s daughters?

Well, it seems that professional sharpshooter Kirsten Joy Weiss wanted to put the scene to a Mythbusters-style test and determine if it was possible to shoot out the flame from a candle.   Was she successful? Continue reading

JBL reviews G.I. Joe Retaliation

G.I Joe Retaliation movie poster

To borrow a phrase from one of the recent Star Trek series “It’s been a long road, getting from there to here.”  Two years since Rise of Cobra and then an unexpected nine month delay before G.I. Joe fans were treated to a second attempt at a big screen franchise of their favorite Real American Heroes.  Nearly three years since G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra tore apart the G.I. Joe fandom and tarnished the image of the once-dominant brand as a kitschy modern day remake of Mega-Force.  This time, however, things appeared to be different.  Director Jon M. Chu, better known for his Justin Bieber documentary, set to direct a script from the talented duo that brought us Zombieland.  Admittedly, all were fans of the incredible comic run by the “godfather of G.I. Joe” Larry Hama and promised a film that was more true to its comic roots than RoC.  However, I’d heard that song and dance before but tonight felt different.  The lights dimmed and I sat with friends in a surprise early birthday celebration organized by my wonderful girlfriend Amanda.  Was this a film to redeem the brand, the fandom, and reignite the enthusiasm of many disheartened fans?

Read on and find out one Joe fan’s opinion…

JBL Reviews G.I. Joe Retaliation  (mostly spoiler-free)


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JBL Review: G.I. Joe Retaliation wave 1 Duke

G.I. Joe Retaliation Duke action figure review

The G.I. Joe Retaliation reviews continue here at JBL!  To start off this week, we’re going back to the debut wave of figures and examining one that many fans might overlook merely because of the actor chosen to portray the character.  That’s right– we’re taking a look at Duke as portrayed by Channing Tatum!  Featuring an ENORMOUS action-feature weapon, this figure originally hit shelves for a few weeks back in 2012 before the film’s release date was moved to March 28, 2013.

So, is an action figure of the “Magic Mike guy” worth adding to your G.I. Joe collection?  Well, check out the review to find out one Joe fan’s opinion!

He’s posted at the G.I. Joe Retaliation Review Index!

Plus, check back this week for more reviews as JBL continues to play “catch up” on the deluge of recent G.I. Joe Retaliation product!