G.I. Joe Collector’s Club Big Boa Reviewed!

G.I. Joe Collector's Club Big Boa action figure

Big Boa has the distinction of only having received one single figure release in the classic G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero era.  It wasn’t until last year’s debut of the Figure Subscription Service from the G.I. Joe Collector’s Club that fans had a chance to own an updated “no-ring” construction version of the character.  For many fans, Big Boa was THE reason to sign up for the debut run of 13th figures from the GIJCC.  In the intervening year, this figure’s popularity hasn’t diminished and demand for him on the secondary market remains strong.

However, is Big Boa worth owning?  Is he a champion or a chump?

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Card art for all 12 “Club Sub” figs and terms & conditions released!

Okay, it’s a mega-update for the G.I. Joe Collector’s Club Figure Subscription Service (aka “Club Sub”) and it’s full of card art and terms and conditions!

First off, over the past few weeks the GIJCC has been releasing images of the card art for all 12 of the revealed FSS figures.  Now, this has caused some degree of controversy over the perceived quality of the art.  Personally, I feel that’s for each fan to decide on their own.  All 12 artwork previews are posted below for your viewing pleasure.

Secondly, the club has released a few head shots of the forthcoming figure including close-ups of Jinx, Topside, Big Boa and, most recently, Iron Klaw.  It seems the beret on the former G.I. Joe Extreme cast member is removable!

Lastly, the GIJCC has posted a link to a “Terms and Conditions” document for the FSS.  (No, the pricing STILL isn’t available– just the same $20 – $25 range that has been tossed around for months.)    It’s a PDF download and can also be accessed on the FSS Subscription page of GIJoeClub.com.

Check out ALL of the released images of the FSS offerings belows!