Scarlett’s Saturday Special

There’s nothing better than having your family working with you…….or in this case, working for each of their 3rd of the take. 😉

‘MadMac41’ has come up with some kicka** looking custom’s to complete the family tree of our favorite ‘Nok leader. Head on over to the custom section and check out Zarana & Zandar !

Scarlett’s Saturday Special

Howdy gang!

Some of us are shoveling snow off the driveway, some are hauling buckets of water out of the basement and some are bleary-eyed from watching the Olympics (I’m squarely in all 3 of these categories).

However, its time for this week’s offering! JBL member ‘Lt. Storm’ has shared his Jinx in all her red suited glory!

Take a minute and check it out!!!

2010 Hasbro Q & A!

Hasbro's Q & A sessions


 Okay here is the run down the Questions are due in by the 8th of March and due back on the 19th for the first round. They are changing things up a bit this year, We submit 3 questions and they will answer at least one the rest of the questions will go into a pool for the best of the rest. Each site will get thier question back on the due back date and after 48 hours the questions and answers from  the rest of the sites.

Round 2-May 10th

Round 3-July 6th

 Round 4-Sep 13th


Head over and submit your questions.

Scarlett’s Saturday Special

With the impending ‘mushy day of love’ happening tomorrow (did all of you guys remember your special someone??), I thought I’d showcase a figure who is the definition of *heartthrob*.

Board member ‘Gundamben831’ utilized a quick and simple LBC technique to give us, “Bond, James Bond”

Can you imagine how difficult it would be for Duke, Flint, Shipwreck, Snake Eyes if Mr. Bond actually did join the ranks of G.I. Joe???

😉 😀