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Custom Celebration 3 set for October 13-26 to showcase 6 years of impassioned innovation in October

October 13, 2008

For more than 25 years, Hasbro’s G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero action figures have fueled the imaginations of passionate fans. And since 2002, more than 1,700 those fans have drawn on each other’s energy and creativity to inspire their own artistic efforts, sharing customized versions of their favorite characters and original creations through ( Continue reading

New listings spotted in Wal-Mart computers

walmart.gifSo far these Wal-Mart listings have been fairly accurate, but let’s remember these are rumor until we see actual confirmation.  Forum member Ghost Target has revealed the following figures that have been dug out of the Wal-Mart inventory:

Comic Packs

Scarlett vs Cobra C 653569 37448
Snake Eyes Vs Night 653569 38313

Shadow Omega Force 653569 37433
Zap Omega Force 653569 37434
Falcon Single 653569 37436
BAT w/ Battle Damage 653569 37347

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More great Resolute images from SDCC

resolute.jpgThe Hasbro booth has apparently started displaying some of the incredible character artwork from the upcoming Resolute animated series.  They have inputs up for Duke, Firefly, Snake Eyes, Scarlett, Airborne, Storm Shadow and Destro.  Some are more revealed than others.  JBL is hard at work attempting to get full pictures of all artwork, but until we do, you can check out and Entertainment News International to get some glimpses of the great designs that are going into this series.

Pre-Order up for Sideshow 12″ COBRA Commander

Sideshow COBRA CommanderSideshow Collectibles has posted pre-orders for the Regular and Exclusive edition 12″ COBRA Commander figures.  The exclusive edition comes with a snake-headed staff with concealed blade only seen in that version.  For whatever reason the exclusive and standard editions are both the same price, $99.99.

The regular version of the 12″ Snake Eyes also has a pre-order up at $119.99, the exclusive version of everyone’s favorite G.I. Joe ninja has sold out.  More pictures have been posted at the previous links as well.  Thanks to Felix from the JBL forums for the information.

Breaking news from SDCC

SDCC LogoJBL contributor Nomad reports from the floor of SDCC that the new “Best of” Entertainment DVD Battle Pack has been put out on display!  While we unfortunately do not have pictures as of yet, the set features the following:

– Alpine
– Jet Pack Duke with a screaming head
– Cobra Trooper w/ Parachute pack, new helmet and the head is tooled with hair
– Cobra Commander w/ Chute pack, new chromed face, new helmet tooling, a CLAW and the bomb prop he tries to blow up the Statue of Liberty with in the Intro of the movie.

Keep checking this thread for more details, and keep your eyes peeled to the SDCC section for all the latest!

G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club DTC Wave 4 Revealed!

Munitia - DTC Wave 4During the onslaught of SDCC news, the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club has revealed official pictures of their upcoming release of DTC Wave 4, a previously unreleased series of o-ring toys from Hasbro.

The line up of figures was first revealed at the Joe Convention and it includes Airtight, Falcon, Outback, COBRA Officer, Night-Viper, Munitia (pictured left), and Python Patrol Copperhead.  According to the Collectors’ Club, these figures will be visible at SDCC throughout this week and weekend as well.

Nicely detailed pictures of the figures in their new paint deco’s are now up on here.

SDCC G.I. Joe Panel information

SDCC LogoBoth Toy News International and HissTank have provided live coverage of the Hasbro G.I. Joe Panel direct from the floor of the San Diego Comic Con.  Apparently a bunch of cool info and pictures of the Resolute cartoon and the G.I. Joe live action movie were shown and discussed at length.

Check out the coverage at TNI here and the live blog at HissTank here.  As always, rush on over to the SDCC section of our forums to discuss all of the exciting news out of San Diego.  Yo Joe!

YoJoe comes through with great SDCC Coverage

SDCC LogoOnline G.I. Joe stalwart YoJoe has come through with some great San Diego ComicCon coverage, and you can check out their gallery here.

Definitely stay posted to the online G.I. Joe Community as a whole today as the Hasbro panel is from 11:30am to 12:30pm Pacific Time today (2:30pm-3:30pm Eastern).  Hopefully some more details and information about the toys, movie, and Resolute cartoon will start spreading later on today.

As always, too, make sure to visit our SDCC Section to discuss all the great product reveals and info!

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SDCC Reports come flying in

SDCC LogoThe San Diego ComicCon has barely begun and already information and pictures are flying through the internet.

One of JBL’s on scene members, “Nomad” has given us a very early report about figures on display, and that’s been followed up by a series of pictures on  We will endeavor to keep all of the latest SDCC related news condenced in our SDCC Section of our forums.  Click here to check out the product list, and checkout’s pictures here and here.  Also check out our “Links Thread” to see links to every other corner of the internet as they supply their coverage as well.  Hope everyone is having fun!