G.I. Joe FSS 7 Crystal Ball mesmerizes your mind!

The G.I. Joe Collector’s Club dropped the final FSS 7 preview today: Crystal Ball!

G.I. Joe Collector's Club FSS 7 Crystal Ball


(Inspired by the 1987 action figure.)
Features NEW head sculpt!
Includes: removable vest, pistol, knife,
Re-tooled Hypno-shield, and figure stand.

Finally!  My reason for subscribing to FSS 7 has been revealed!

Let’s start off and see how this mock-up stands up to the original 1987 Crystal Ball.

I’m seeing the legs of the 25th Anniversary Iron Grenadiers Destro. The vest appears to be from the 30th Anniversary Gnawgahyde while the hypno-shield looks to be brand new.  (Please, let that be a lenticular decal.  Seriously– that’s non-negotiable.)  However, that’s not the real selling point of the figure.

In spite of the fact that this is a digital mock-up, I’m digging the head sculpt.  Hard core digging this.  Crystal Ball has the crazy grin and poofy hair that were signature elements of the vintage figure. He’s looks a bit maniacal and I’m 100% okay with that. Really, he looks just like an older George Hamilton!  (With a heavy dash of Vincent Price as well.)

Yes, I love the more outlandish Cobra figures and this is just what I was hoping for.  He keeps the signature elements of the original while updating the design. Time to sign up now! Seriously– Raptor has been waiting for this figure to join him on the shelf!

For those folks who are on the fence about ordering, here’s the roster of FSS 7:

The FSS 7 page is LIVE now and accepting subscriptions!  The cost of the thirteen figure set (including the bonus piece) is $375.00 plus shipping. Place your order prior to December 4, 2017  and keep your eyes peeled to GIJoeClub.com for more previews.


2 thoughts on “G.I. Joe FSS 7 Crystal Ball mesmerizes your mind!

  1. Yes! I always liked the figure on its own terms, regardless of the Stephen King connection. Who would have thought that a once reviled peg warmer would stage such a comeback? The club delivered a solid homage here, easily the crown jewel for FSS 7.

  2. As an overall assortment it initially feels a bit flat, but I think thats solely due to exclusively the back end of the line and sharing similar color tones. Unavoidable as thats entirely where the remaining RAH figure options are.
    Digging into it closely however its an EXTREMELY strong line up with each piece executed equitably.
    Crystal Ball and Stalker, arguably the two biggest pieces, are both FLAWLESS and representative of the clubs benchmark achievements. Those two at that level easily could have allowed for some filler, but achieved higher. The Ice Viper officer I assumed just that, however the deco changed my mind completely. I’m excited now for this one! Arctic CC is a figure I wished had been made AND rounds out previous arctics so great. I could give two *&%$# for TF Jinx but she has been highly desired by the majority and its not always about me lol. Really excited to get the Dreadnok SC as well! Now…Kangor. He makes so much sense to do on so many levels I’d never argue it, and the head deco is great, hes simply one of the few foreign I’ve never liked purely because his remaining deco is so much the original.
    Not a flaw in execution, I just didnt lil the original.
    This is really a solid line up in execution. Crystal Ball and Stalker are water marks and those who find issue with them truly have unattainable expectations.

    Start the previews for 8 already!!

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