Feast your eyes on FSS 7 Dusty & Sandstorm

The first FSS 7 preview has dropped and it’s Dusty & Sandstorm!

G.I. Joe Collector's Club FSS 7 Dusty & Sandstorm


(Inspired by the 1991 action figure.)
Includes: removable beret, harness with large knife,
assault rifle, sub machine gun, coyote, knife,
pistol with suppressor, and figure stand.

Hmm… so this is the FSS 7 homage to the 1991 Dusty v3 action figure.

This build, like the original design, is pretty simple.  Pursuit of Cobra Snake Eyes legs and what might be the Retaliation Cobra Trooper torso.  The head appears to be from the Slaughter’s Marauders version of Falcon. It’s simple but then again so was the original. However, I do wonder what happened to the camouflage pattern on his pants? It would help him stand out a bit from some previous figures like FSS 1 Desert Grunt.

Ole Sandstorm has been given a bit of an upgrade– morphing from a coyote to a re-release of Timber from the Paris Pursuit Snake Eyes.  You know… because wolves and coyotes all look the same.  (That’s species discrimination!)

For those who are keeping score, here’s the roster of FSS 7:

  • Arctic Cobra Commander – based on the cancelled two-pack version
  • Budo – G.I. Joe Samurai
  • Crystal Ball – Cobra Hypnotist
  • Dreadnok Salvage Crew – Code name: Dreadnok Kaos
  • Dusty & Sandstorm (v3) – DiC era Desert Trooper and coyote
  • General Hawk (1991) – DiC era jet pack version
  • Ice Viper Officer – based on the Club’s Flaming Moth version
  • Kangor – International repaint of Big Boa
  • Stalker (Tundra Ranger) – DiC era cold weather version with kayak
  • Treadmark (aka Skidmark) – the Desert Fox driver returns
  • Tiger Force Kim “Jinx” Arashikage – based on the 2003 six-pack version
  • Tomax – inspired by the Shattered Glass/Sunbow look

The FSS 7 page is LIVE now!  Head on over to place your order and keep your eyes peeled to GIJoeClub.com for more previews.


2 thoughts on “Feast your eyes on FSS 7 Dusty & Sandstorm

  1. The build is as follows:
    -Slaughter’s Marauders Falcon head and beret
    -POC Cobra Shocktrooper torso
    -POC Jungle Duke arms, webgear and machete
    -POC Snake Eyes legs and gear for legs
    -POC Beachhead rifle
    -ROC Paris Pursuit Baroness SMG
    -Repainted ROC Paris Pursuit Snake Eyes wolf as Sandstorm

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