A chilling preview of FSS 7 Arctic Cobra Commander

We have another FSS 7 preview today, thanks to the G.I. Joe Collector’s Club.  The subject: Arctic Cobra Commander!

G.I. Joe Collector's Club FSS 7 Arctic Cobra Commander


(Inspired by the unreleased “arctic” action figure.)
Includes: removable helmet, holster with pistol,
advanced combat rifle, cobra staff, and figure stand.


So, the Arctic Cobra Commander is revealed at last– and he’s virtually identical to the cancelled figure from 2010.  (Check out this breakdown of the intended two-pack over at HISSTank.com.)  The color palate is a dead-ringer for that particular release.  Only the accessories are different– with the longer staff replacing the smaller scepter and the “advanced combat rifle” added to the gear.  (I have my doubts on how well old Snake Head will be able to hold that piece of firepower.)

Parts of the coat should look familiar as the Club used them previous in the 2012 Elite Guards from that year’s Joe Con set.

Overall it’s a nice compliment to the Arctic Mindbender released by the Club as a renewal figure a few years ago.

For those who are keeping score, here’s the roster of FSS 7:

  • Arctic Cobra Commander – based on the cancelled two-pack version
  • Budo – G.I. Joe Samurai
  • Crystal Ball – Cobra Hypnotist
  • Dreadnok Salvage Crew – Code name: Dreadnok Kaos
  • Dusty & Sandstorm (v3) – DiC era Desert Trooper and coyote
  • General Hawk (1991) – DiC era jet pack version
  • Ice Viper Officer – based on the Club’s Flaming Moth version
  • Kangor – International repaint of Big Boa
  • Stalker (Tundra Ranger) – DiC era cold weather version with kayak
  • Treadmark (aka Skidmark) – the Desert Fox driver returns
  • Tiger Force Kim “Jinx” Arashikage – based on the 2003 six-pack version
  • Tomax – inspired by the Shattered Glass/Sunbow look

The FSS 7 page is LIVE now!  The cost of the thirteen figure set (including the bonus piece) is $375.00 plus shipping. Place your order prior to December 4, 2017  and keep your eyes peeled to GIJoeClub.com for more previews.

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  1. Key difference: the use of the Ultimate Cobra Commander arms, giving him an advantage over the cancelled version.

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