FSS 6 previews conclude with Guillotine

The G.I. Joe Collector’s Club FSS 6 previews conclude with a look at Eel Commander Guillotine!

FSS 6 Guillotine


(Inspired by the 2006 action figure!)
Features NEW head sculpt. Includes: removable scuba mask,
harness, belt, pistol with silencer, knife, assault rifles x 2,
skull sword, scuba backpack, and figure stand.

The fan-favorite Eel Commander has landed and he’s quite the update!Back in 2006, Hasbro made quite the splash with the fandom when it released the Plague Troopers vs. Steel Brigade 6-pack.  Not only did this set bring back the Steel Brigade sub-team (and introduce super-fan Luke Ellison as a new Joe) but it also introduced a brand new faction within Cobra.  Crafted as the answer to the original 13 Joes, the Plague was a group of unique specialists whose individuality was encouraged.  This team was led by the sinister sword-wielding Eel Commander Guillotine and sparked fan imagination like few concepts had in years.  The group eventually went on to be featured (with mixed results and a different roster) in Devil’s Due Publishing’s final G.I. Joe story arc: World War III.

The FSS 6 build of Guillotine is remarkably similar to the original 2006 figure in appearance.  The torso and legs appear to be from the fan-favorite and now heavily-reused PoC Snake Eyes.  I’m no parts guru but the arms appear to be from 2013’s Ultimate Storm Shadow figure.  Guillotine’s kit is a pretty solid recreation of the 2006 version’s with the removable mask, “spine sword”, and funky-looking blaster rifle.

All-in-all, this is a build that is crazy faithful to the original figure design.  Now, I’m going to probably catch some flak for this, but he’s almost too faithful.  In other words, as exciting as it is to see Guillotine in modern style construction, the figure has a strong “been there, done that” vibe as far as this fan is concerned.  He’s not bad at all– but I honestly feel like the Club could have taken a few design liberties with him and put more of their own spin on the FSS 6 Guillotine design instead of merely recreating the 2006 DTC build.  Of course, that’s just my opinion.

With this final image, the G.I. Joe FSS 6 previews conclude. The full roster for this next subscription service includes:

A subscription will run fans $375 + shipping.  The sign-up period runs now through June 2, 2017.  To secure your own site, visit the G.I. Joe FSS 6.0 sign-up page today!

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