Scope out G.I. Joe FSS 6 Cross Hair

The FSS 6 previews are coming fast and furious this weekend!  Check out this look at Cross Hair!

G.I. Joe FSS 6 Cross Hair


(Inspired by the 2003 action figure!)
Includes: removable boonie hat, goggles, tactical vest, revolver,
knife, buildable sniper rifle with attachments,
sniper rifle case, and figure stand.

NOTE: These modern era club exclusive action figures will not be exact replicas of their vintage counterparts. All images are Photoshop mock-up representations, final product, accessories and/or colors may vary!

Hmm… where to begin?  How about “anything worth doing is worth doing right.”

For the build, the Club went back to the well of tried and true parts.  The lower body comes from the venerable Cobra Shock Trooper, and the arms, torso, and waist of the fan-favorite PoC Snake Eyes.  The web gear is a reuse of the same piece that was included with the original 2003 Cross Hair.  On the surface, it’s not a bad combination– but a figure is truly the sum of its parts.

For the FSS 6 Cross Hair, the Club went deep into the generation 3 construction vault and resurrected the 25th Anniversary Duke head. That’s right– the original pin-headed noggin that failed to resemble any incarnation of its source material.  It’s topped off with a head/goggles combination that attempts to recreate the boonie hat included with Cross Hair but that will most likely fall apart at anything more than a casual glance.  It’s these last two bits that diminish my enjoyment of this design more than just a little.  With the price increase this year, I’d hoped for something a bit better for ole Don Fardie.

This is one that I’m totally on the fence about now.  I was excited to see Cross Hair included in this series but the execution is what is going to determine if he ends up being a keeper or not.  Really, I want to like this figure but “that head!”

EDIT: It looks like the Club is responding to fan concerns regarding the vest.  The Club released this updated image of Cross Hair just yesterday!

MUCH better IMHO!

In case you needed a refresher, the roster for G.I. Joe FSS 6 is as follows:

A subscription will run fans $375 + shipping.  The sign-up period runs now through June 2, 2017.  To secure your own site, visit the G.I. Joe FSS 6.0 sign-up page today!

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  1. Fred are you sure about that head, it looks like the pit commando head to me.

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