G.I. Joe FSS 6 WORMS Officer may make you squirm

We’re nearing the end of the G.I. Joe FSS 6 previews with a look at the Cobra WORMS Officer!

G.I. Joe FSS 6 Cobra WORMS Officer


(Inspired by the 1987 Cobra vehicle driver!)
Features NEW cloth ascot & re-tooled classic helmet.
Includes: removable helmet, jacket, ascot,
pistol, computer pad, explosive projectile,
and figure stand.

He’s an officer and a gentleman!  Or is he? The Cobra WORMS was one of those characters I never had as a kid.  Back in 1987, the original WORMS was the driver of the Cobra Maggot, an impressive artillery piece that could split into multiple components.  His uniform eschewed what had been the standard Cobra blue up to that point in favor of more earth toned hues.  Plus, his chest bore an impressive array of sculpted medals which seemed a bit odd for a standard vehicle driver.

The G.I. Joe Collector’s Club taken that oddity and spun into a promotion.  WORMS is now the WORMS Officer!

The build in many ways isn’t a surprise to most folks.  Back in 2015, the Club released an updated version of General Mayhem at the Springfield Joe Con.  That figure featured a brand new chest piece that bore more than a passing resemblance to the vintage WORMS torso.  As such, the Club opted to utilize much of that construction here– in essence this is mostly that General Mayhem v2 build.

I do find it interesting that the WORMS Officer includes a “real cloth ascot”– making him the second figure in FSS 6 to have a cloth accessory.

Overall, the build for the WORMS Officer is pretty good.  I may have no nostalgia for the vintage character but I have to admit, this is one of the stronger entries in this current FSS roster.

For those of you keeping score, the roster for G.I. Joe FSS 6 is as follows:

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