G.I. Joe FSS 6 Rampart steps up!

The G.I. Joe Collector’s Club drops another FSS 6 preview in the form of Rampart!

G.I. Joe FSS 6 Rampart

Code Name: RAMPART

(Inspired by the 1990 action figure!)
Includes: removable harness, goggles, assault rifle,
rocket launcher, XM307 weapon with tri-pod,
and figure stand.

Well, there it is then– a look at FSS 6 Rampart.I’ll say this– the Club is really getting a lot of use out of those new Joe Con 2017 Battle Force 2000 head sculpts.  Rampart is the “noggin twin” of Blocker.  That means, if you’re getting this year’s Joe Con set you’ll actually be buying your very own preview of the FSS 6 roster.  Seriously…

Color me surprised– I’d have assumed they’d use the PoC Dusty alternate head.

How does the figure stack up to the 1990 Rampart figure? Reasonably well.  The upper torso and arms seem to be from the Retaliation G.I. Joe Trooper figure which is a decent body.  (Thank the maker they didn’t use the corresponding legs.)  Instead, it looks like the legs come from the single carded Resolute Duke.  Not the parts I would have expected at all. It’s not a bad recreation of Rampart honestly.  I’m just not entirely sold on that head reuse but that could change with the actual figure.

In case you needed a refresher, the roster for G.I. Joe FSS 6 is as follows:

A subscription will run fans $375 + shipping.  The sign-up period runs now through June 2, 2017.  To secure your own site, visit the G.I. Joe FSS 6.0 sign-up page today!


One thought on “G.I. Joe FSS 6 Rampart steps up!

  1. Your full recipe is as follows:
    -Convention Blocker head with goggles
    -Retaliation Joe Trooper torso and webgear
    -Data-Viper arms
    -ROC Flash legs
    -And accessories consisting of 2005 Valor vs. Venom Duke’s machine gun; DTC Falcon’s tripod gun; and POC desert Duke’s missile launcher.

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