Girls of the Finest 2016 Calendar for the USO

Girls of the Finest 2016 calendar

The Girls of the Finest, members of a G.I. Joe costuming club, are back with a brand new calendar project!  This year the proceeds are going to the USO – the United Service Organizations that provides comfort to our overseas troops!

Last year’s project was an amazing success that raised funds for the Wounded Warrior Project.  Not only did fans help the Girls of the Finest produce a terrific fan-driven G.I. Joe calendar but they also helped support a fantastic cause in the process.  This year, these talented female costumers are hoping to recreate the lightning in a bottle of last year’s project and help the USO at the same time!

C’mon– it’s a win-win!  Get a great calendar featuring the talented Girls of the Finest and help send some much needed comfort to our fighting men and women overseas.

A donation of $25 earns you a printed calendar suitable for the office or Joe room of your choice!  (Plus a snazzy .pdf copy!)  $75 gets a patch, calendar and a .pdf copy.  For $100 you can name your own holiday as well as get all of the other schwag listed.

As of now, the project has $50 days remaining and has raised $2320 of the $8500 goal.  We’ve seen other crowdsourced options fly past their goals so let’s send this one well over that goal and help raise some cash for the USO!