Holy Wednesday, Batman! I just saw the Batmobile!

Wednesday is not regarded as the most exciting of work days. It’s “Hump Day” and quite honestly my focus starts to shift more toward what I have to get done over the weekend.   In other words, it usually is a day that has to be endured.  As such– I wasn’t really prepared for what greeted me in the parking deck when I drove into work this morning:

The car in question belongs to Lenny Robinson of Baltimore County, Maryland. However, it isn’t the car that makes this man remarkable but rather his mission. Robinson, who gained notoriety for a moving violation that went viral back in March, travels the US in costume and visits sick children in hospitals. Using his own funds, he brings joy to children whose days are otherwise filled with doctors, medicine, and even surgical procedures. In my eyes, that makes him a true hero.

Learn more about his schedule of appearances and his efforts by visiting the Facebook page Superheroes for Kids.  You can also read more about Lenny and his efforts in this article from the Washington Post.

Like a lot of “genre geeks”, I was a huge fan of the Adam West series as a kid when it played in heavy syndication on a local ABC affiliate.  It was my first live-action exposure to Batman outside of a water ski show at Sea World.  I can still remember going to a local car show when I was 4 years old because my Dad wanted to take me to see the Batmobile.  However, the crowds were thick and the red velvet ropes kept us all at bay.  To be able to walk right up to this replica with no barrier, no security guards, and just appreciate it for the car that it is has made today 100% pure AWESOME!

Check out more pics below and be sure to give Lenny’s Facebook page a “Like”!