SDCC 2012: In hand pics of red Jinx

SDCC exclusives can be a tricky thing.   Figures like the 25th “Pimp Daddy Destro” were easy to get if you wanted the silver version but the variant gold head proved far more elusive.  Sgt. Slaughter was HIGHLY sought after and yet the Convention Cobra Commander is still relatively easy to find.  (Let’s not mention Zarana– she’s a sore spot for some collectors… especially after the Dreadnok 7 pack made her an essential piece to complete any Dreadnok collection.)

At Toy Fair 2012, Hasbro unveiled their SDCC exclusives which included two versions of Kim Arashikage– better known to fans as “Jinx”.  Over at, Gyre-Viper has gotten his hands on an early sample and has posted a gallery of images of the red version.  I’ve mirrored a few below but I’d suggest checking out the thread over at JoeDeclassified for more.

Overall she looks pretty solid!  It’s an interesting mix of new and existing Storm Shadow parts.  While I don’t know about the white version yet, I’ll most likely be tracking down this red version come late summer.