JoeCon 2012: Daina revealed as first con set figure!

At long last the figure previews for the 2012 Collector’s Convention set have begun!

First up is Oktober Guard sniper- Daina!

The Club’s tooling choices are solid this time with what appears to be a new head, new tooled helmet (possibly based loosely on the DTC Barrel Roll), and a very familiar Draguov sniper rifle.  The design works to give her a slightly more “bulky Russian military” feel than one would have expected.  (Personally I was thinking a straight-up reuse of either the RoC Cover Girl or the 25A Lady Jaye.)  Either way, it’s a great way to start off the convention set which makes me think that things can only get better from this point out!

This is the first version of Daina since the release of the VvV era Comic Pack #6

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