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Brandon Jerwa chat: October 6, 2004


#Brandon Jerwa joined

LeonardoTDragon:: We're going to pick two attendees from tonight-- one for the Storm Shadow and Ninja LIghtning bike and one for something that Brandon has provided.

#Brandon Jerwa:: Hello all.

Brandon Brigance:: sweet

HelaViper:: hey B

LeonardoTDragon:: I'll post winners and transcripts on Friday.

HelaViper:: whats a guy like you doing in a place like this?

ClanKiller:: Thanks to Brandon & JBL in advance for arranging this

LeonardoTDragon:: So, Brandon... you ready to face this angry mob?

#Brandon Jerwa:: Could I ask one favor? Could anyone using italics turn them off, please?

mrfstr:: Thanks for joinThanks for joining us Brandon!

#Brandon Jerwa:: I like to be Super-Unique!

#Brandon Jerwa:: 'cause I'm a girl like that.

#Brandon Jerwa:: Or something.

EagleEyeJoe:: *picks up 2 x 4*

mrfstr:: lol

#Brandon Jerwa:: Hey, hey!


#Brandon Jerwa:: I asked for a happy mob.

HelaViper:: *puts on SNAKE armor*

#Brandon Jerwa:: Leo, you fibbed to me.

#Brandon Jerwa:: LOL

EagleEyeJoe:: Brandon, I'm here for control...

Brandon Brigance:: making sure im not using italics

ClanKiller:: *brought Lrispy Kremes*

ClanKiller:: oops

EagleEyeJoe:: you want anyone banned.. just point them out

Brandon Brigance:: sweet lrispy cremes

LeonardoTDragon:: *hangs head in shame and goes back to playing with Strawberry Shortcake*

falcon671:: rob is master of the 2x4


LeonardoTDragon:: Okay... who's got some questions?

#Brandon Jerwa:: Oh, hey!

#Brandon Jerwa:: One more thing.

HelaViper:: Leo, be sure to wash the scent of your hands

Brandon Brigance:: Hey Brandon before you start nice job on Joe its great

#Brandon Jerwa:: For MY prize package, I'm offering up four signed comicsa from Joe #26 or Master, of your choice.

#Brandon Jerwa:: That should read Joe #26 and UP.

HelaViper:: sweet

#Brandon Jerwa:: Sorry.

mrfstr:: I have a question JOW do they get the creme filling in Twinkies?

#Brandon Jerwa:: I don't have ANY of the crazy expensive variants, so abandon all hope.

mrfstr:: :( booo

#Brandon Jerwa:: Hell, I've only ever SEEN a few of them.

#Brandon Jerwa:: True story.

#HitandRun:: lol

#HitandRun:: true story

HelaViper:: question time?

#Brandon Jerwa:: Some, like Joe #34, I didn't even know about.

#Brandon Jerwa:: Yes, question time.

#Brandon Jerwa:: Sorry.

HelaViper:: ok...

mrfstr:: that sucks... you should be able to just ask for them... I mean, you ONLY WRITE THEM!

ClanKiller:: Question: Storm Shadow: is he still under brainwashing? When we will see his agenda (if any) revealed?

#Brandon Jerwa:: I'll stay late after class to make up for it.


#Brandon Jerwa:: Aha. TOMMY.

#Brandon Jerwa:: Funny you should ask, as I am writing MASTER AND APPRENTICE II as we speak.

ClanKiller:: *hangs on every word eagerly*

#Brandon Jerwa:: Which is ALL about Tommy, and...I've said too much.

ClanKiller:: Bless you Brandon...

Brandon Brigance:: cant wait MA 2

#Brandon Jerwa:: Serrously...yes.

#Brandon Jerwa:: Seriously, I mean.

ClanKiller:: I sense a toy tie in here...

#Brandon Jerwa:: Tommy's got some big resolution headed his way, and changes are on the horizon.

mrfstr:: Wo;; MA2 take place in the past like MA1, or present?

ClanKiller:: fantastic..thx B.

#Brandon Jerwa:: But you can be certian he'll be double-parking that new motorcycle in Hell to reach it all...

#Brandon Jerwa:: (sorry for my typos. I'm typing too fast.)

Brandon Brigance:: its cool

#Brandon Jerwa:: Mrf, MAII takes place in present day.

DoctorKent:: Question: Do you see Billy fitting into any of the future of the Ninja Clan?

Brandon Brigance:: Sweet

#Brandon Jerwa:: Doc, hello! Haven't seen you since Philly. And yes, Billy will be involved in a big way.

mrfstr:: YES!!! (big Billy fan)

HelaViper:: So, who is your favorite character...ever?

#Brandon Jerwa:: I'm learning to be, Mrf.

#Brandon Jerwa:: Chuckles.

#HitandRun:: yes!!

HelaViper:: for real?

#HitandRun:: Chuckles!

#Brandon Jerwa:: And now, Kamakura.

DoctorKent:: I guess I was wearing my Wraith armor at the summer Joe con, Brandon.

#Brandon Jerwa:: Oh, DUH.

#Brandon Jerwa:: I just remembered that right before your response appeared.

#Brandon Jerwa:: Sorry.

Destify:: if you had to write with the characters now or then what would you choose and why

#Brandon Jerwa:: Des, clarify?

#Brandon Jerwa:: I'm not sure how deep that question goes.

Destify:: if you had two lines of joes say the classic RAH and the new line what line would you choose to write

#Brandon Jerwa:: oh, oh.

#Brandon Jerwa:: I see.

the Silent Master joined

the Silent Master:: aloooooHA!

#Brandon Jerwa:: Well, I guess I'm happier here in the present and future, especially since the massive influence of the Marvel book has informed my own writing. It's a bizarre loop.

ClanKiller:: Question: Will "Cobra Commander" be jailed for many more issues/months?

ClanKiller:: I miss CC

mrfstr:: Question: with the new characters Hasbro is putting out, any chance of seeing any of the ARAH characters that we haven't seen yet that have not been remade in the current toyline (ie Fast Draw, Pathfinder)?

#Brandon Jerwa:: Clan, "many" is a subjective word but have no fear, CC will be doing just fine soon.

ClanKiller:: Your killin' me Brandon!

cjdimaster joined

cjdimaster:: hey all

Brandon Brigance:: Is Serpentor and Overlord coming back?

#Brandon Jerwa:: Mrf, I can say that you'll see more action for Grand Slam, Shockwave and let's see...hmmm...

the Silent Master:: question: we have a military consultant.... will we ever get a martial arts consultant? (hey I had to ask

Destify:: grand slam? SWEET!

ClanKiller:: Good question SM

#Brandon Jerwa:: wait, wait. I read that too fast.

#Brandon Jerwa:: Sorry.

mrfstr:: very sweet indeed... thanks Brandon

ClanKiller:: Isshinryu in da house!

#HitandRun:: too many questions, take turns lol

#Brandon Jerwa:: As for the Hasbro answer, I'm just not sure.

#Brandon Jerwa:: They don't cl;ear much stuff through me.

LeonardoTDragon:: Otherwise we'd have a new Chuckles figure!

Destify:: lol

#HitandRun:: which we desperately need, IMO

#Brandon Jerwa:: Silent, I'm actually considering that for MAII.

EagleEyeJoe:: Question: Are the Dreadnoks coming back to play anytime soon?

the Silent Master:: SWEET!

#Brandon Jerwa:: I'm hoping Chuckles will make a future round of Hasbro three-packs.

ClanKiller:: Brandon: What form would you choose?

#Brandon Jerwa:: EEJ, yes! In a big way.

#Brandon Jerwa:: CK, what?

LeonardoTDragon:: I think he's asking about Martial Arts forms.

ClanKiller:: style of martial arts..for MA2

#Brandon Jerwa:: The whole clan.

#Brandon Jerwa:: The whole Zartan clan, I should say.

mrfstr:: suggestion... when writing a question, put "QUESTION" in front of it... reads a bit cleaner that wayt...

#Brandon Jerwa:: Sorry, the questions and my answers got crossed.

the Silent Master:: Japanese styles hopefully... stands to reason

#Brandon Jerwa:: Ok, Clankiller.

ClanKiller:: I would hope SM

cjdimaster:: question will greenshirt letson have a backstory done on him?

#Brandon Jerwa:: I'd like to see some Judo, some Jeet Kun Do, Ninja stylee...

Alison R Hart Burnett joined

ClanKiller:: Nice.

ClanKiller:: Question: Do you train?

#Brandon Jerwa:: Never.

#Brandon Jerwa:: Sad but true.

#Brandon Jerwa:: I'd love to, though.

ClanKiller:: cool.

Alison R Hart Burnett:: Hi everyone

EagleEyeJoe:: Question: How hard has the transition from fan to "Joe Scribe" been for you?

#Brandon Jerwa:: There's a big pit fight scene in the first issue, and I want a nice array of fighters with varying styles.

ClanKiller:: Cool!

#Brandon Jerwa:: EEJ, let me get to Cjd handled here:

ClanKiller:: High flying styles are unrealistic

the Silent Master:: Judo, Kyujutsu, kenjutsu (not chinese style!) and yarijutsu would be good styles to research

the Silent Master:: or Jojutsu (staff) done in actual Japanese style

#Brandon Jerwa:: No backstory for Letson, although his death is DEFINITELY a trigger point for some serious events. That name will hang like a sword over some heads for a an issue or three...

cjdimaster:: question: when will billy make a larger impact?

#Brandon Jerwa:: SM, very cool.

#Brandon Jerwa:: Cjd, let me get to EEJ.

#Brandon Jerwa:: Then I'll get you.

EagleEyeJoe:: nah, the Billy question is good.. I want to hear when he's getting strapped to a tank

#Brandon Jerwa:: Wait...in MAII. You must have missed that.

LeonardoTDragon:: Guys... hold questions until we can clear some of these up! A man can only type so fast!

#Brandon Jerwa:: Thanks, Leo.

#Brandon Jerwa:: Ok, EEJ:

the Silent Master:: ...actually if you ever have questions about Japanese warfare I would love to help you out

#Brandon Jerwa:: EEJ, it has been a HUGE change.

#Obsidian joined

HelaViper:: QUESTION: are you willing to tie up all/most of the original

Marvel runs loose ends, or straighten the questionable events out?

#Brandon Jerwa:: Orloando was a HUGE learning experience for me.

#Brandon Jerwa:: Sorry, typing too fast again!

#Brandon Jerwa:: Also, knowing you can access negative or positive criticism on your work at the click of a button is a bit hard to come to grips with.

#Brandon Jerwa:: Daunting.

Alison R Hart Burnett:: Question: Are we going to see more of the Flint and LJ relationship in the near future.

#Brandon Jerwa:: And I guess I'll be done with that answer. Sorry.

Helaviper, you're next, then Alison. *scrolls back*

LeonardoTDragon:: Yep-- Hela, then Allison

#Brandon Jerwa:: Hela, I have to say that my interest in cleaning house on the Marvel run wanes at time.

#Brandon Jerwa:: s

#Brandon Jerwa:: times.

HelaViper:: I can understand that

#Brandon Jerwa:: I know people want answers to some things, but we also have to progress.

the Silent Master:: question: for the Z-man who will probably miss this... will we ever see Zandar and Zarana together since the betrayal?

HelaViper:: very true

#Brandon Jerwa:: So that's by no means a "hard no", but I also have to steer this ship into the future.

#Brandon Jerwa:: Alison, then SM.

HelaViper:: doesn't bother me if they are never cleared, just as long as you keep putting out kick a$$ stories

#Brandon Jerwa:: Alison, fans of the Married Joes are going to love me very soon, I think.

#Brandon Jerwa:: Flint and Lady Jaye are going to take center stage a little.

#Brandon Jerwa:: For a bit, anyway.

the Silent Master:: awesome!

Alison R Hart Burnett:: Great. I can't wait. They are my favorites.

#Brandon Jerwa:: I'm going to show a glimpse into what a job like this can do to a relationship.

#Obsidian:: I was a little late, so sorry if this has been asked already.

Question: Will we see more of the Coil and Serpentor?

Alison R Hart Burnett:: That will be interesting.

LeonardoTDragon:: SM, then Obsidian.

#Brandon Jerwa:: MNy wife and I met on the job and have worked together professionally for six years, so I have perspective on this.

#Brandon Jerwa:: SM, are you asking me if Zandar is alive?

#Brandon Jerwa::

#Brandon Jerwa:: Tricky wording.

the Silent Master:: no I am asking if we will see the conversation between Zarana and Zandar.....

cjdimaster:: lol

#Brandon Jerwa:: Oh, oh...

the Silent Master:: even if flashback form

#Brandon Jerwa:: well, you'll have some answers later this month.

ClanKiller:: Question: Do current world affairs affect (or himder)the way you portray Cobra Commander and Cobra as a whole? (i.e. blowing up bridges, buildings etc.)

#Brandon Jerwa:: Obsidian.

ClanKiller:: oops sorry

LeonardoTDragon:: Obsidian, then CK.

#Brandon Jerwa:: CK, you're next.

ClanKiller:: *ducks*

#Brandon Jerwa:: CK, they do, and we're going to see Cobra escalated to SERIOUS THREAT level shortly.

ClanKiller:: do you mean intensity in their action?

#Brandon Jerwa:: I know many of you think I've been toying around, but it's the characters playing games, not me!

the Silent Master:: new question: who came up with Kamakura being Sean Collins? You? Hasbro? or Baylock?

#Obsidian:: :( you skipped me

StaticEngine joined

LeonardoTDragon:: Obsidian with "More of the coil and Serpentor" then SM

#Brandon Jerwa:: Actually, I addressed CK but answered your question.

#Brandon Jerwa:: Oh, wait. No I didn't.

#Brandon Jerwa:: I am Stoopid Man.

StaticEngine:: Is this a moderated chat?

#Brandon Jerwa:: Serpy and The Coil....

#Brandon Jerwa:: Yes, Paul. HEAVILY.

HelaViper:: kinda SE

EagleEyeJoe:: *pulls out 2 x 4*

#Brandon Jerwa:: (My friend Paul, everyone)

Destify:: question: Looking back with the characters you wrote and developed. is there anyone that you would of wanted to of written differently

ClanKiller:: *ducks again*

EagleEyeJoe:: ahh ok *puts 2 x 4 away*

StaticEngine:: hello. I will behave.

#Brandon Jerwa:: Ok, ok. Let's slow down and get caught up.

#Brandon Jerwa:: Obsidian, YES.

#Obsidian:: excellent, thanks.

EagleEyeJoe:: yeah, lets hold questions for a moment or two

DoctorKent joined

#Brandon Jerwa:: In ways we're not used to seeing them, at least in one particular instance.

#Brandon Jerwa::

LeonardoTDragon:: Obsidian, SM, then Destify

LeonardoTDragon:: Hold questions for a bit... he's got to catch up!!

HelaViper:: <---has one whenever

#Brandon Jerwa:: Ok, that was Obsidian.

EagleEyeJoe:: SM up next

#Brandon Jerwa:: SM, let me read yours...

#Brandon Jerwa:: Kamakura being Sean was something Josh had planned, but he had no solid direction for the story when eh approached me

#Brandon Jerwa:: to work on Master and Apprentice.

#Brandon Jerwa:: We even considered throwing a loop in, but we ended up thinking Sean was really a rich character and fit perfectly.

Brandon Brigance:: Question: Brandon will General Flagg become a major player anytime soon?

#Brandon Jerwa:: I didn't know hwo to feel about him at first, and now I've really sort of attached myself to him.

LeonardoTDragon:: Destify then Brandon Brigance.

mrfstr left

the Silent Master:: <--- would have preffered the loop. being Sean Collins really ages the Joes

#Brandon Jerwa:: Destify...*scrolls*

LeonardoTDragon:: "Characters that you've done. Would you have done them differently"

#Brandon Jerwa:: Destify, not so much. I miss Chuckles terribly.

Destify:: so he is in the next issue eh? :P

#Brandon Jerwa:: I would have liked to have had more space for the Return of Serpentor.

mrfstr joined

#Brandon Jerwa:: Six issues instead of 4.

cjdimaster:: question: when will budo make an appearance in the regular series?

the Silent Master:: that would have been really nice

#Brandon Jerwa:: Luckily, they're really letting me spread out at times now.

LeonardoTDragon:: BB then CJD

#Brandon Jerwa:: Ok, BB.

Brandon Brigance::

Brandon Brigance:: Will Gen. Flagg become a major player anytime soon?

Brandon Brigance:: cool

#Brandon Jerwa:: But eventually.

#Brandon Jerwa:: I'm assuming you mean "Flagg Jr."

Brandon Brigance:: yes

#Brandon Jerwa:: I teased at him being there when Serpentor came back.

DoctorKent:: Question - with so many characters to choose from, do you find it difficult to work in all of your favorites, and the fans?

#Obsidian:: Question: will we see more development of Spirit as a character? I've never felt that he's really had much attention in any Joe media.

ClanKiller:: Question: Any betrayal coming from within the Joe team in the near future? You eluded to this Orlando I think.

#Brandon Jerwa:: His shoulder is in a scene.

LeonardoTDragon:: CJ, then DK, then Obsidian, the CK.

LeonardoTDragon:: Hold questions again, please.

Brandon Brigance:: lol

#Brandon Jerwa:: Yeesh.

Brandon Brigance:: thanks brandon

LeonardoTDragon:: CJ: "Budo make an appearance in the regular series?"

#Brandon Jerwa:: Cjd: Budo will be in Master II and may appear during "Dominion Day", the arc after "Union of the Snake".

#Brandon Jerwa:: DK:

LeonardoTDragon:: DK: "With so many characters, do you find it difficult to work in your favorites?"

#Brandon Jerwa:: Absolutely. Every month, someone calls my ass out because I used Clutch instead of Pathfinder.

#Brandon Jerwa:: When I really wanted to use Cover Girl.

#Brandon Jerwa::

ClanKiller:: hehe me too

#Brandon Jerwa:: Next is...

LeonardoTDragon:: Obsidian; "More development of Spirit?"

#Brandon Jerwa:: Spirit will definitely be playing a role, even after the Joe team is....oops.

#Brandon Jerwa:: Yes.

MesH Iversen joined

#Obsidian:: hehe, awesome. Thanks again.

#Brandon Jerwa:: CK, you aksed about betrayal.

ClanKiller:: yes sir.

LeonardoTDragon:: Ck, then Alison

#Brandon Jerwa:: There will be betrayal up the ying-yang and out the chowder hole.

ClanKiller:: Death??

the Silent Master:: not the chowder hole!

DoctorKent:: Chowder? Barbeque can't be the traitor!

#Brandon Jerwa:: Things are going to turn so bad so quickly, some of you guys might have to take up huffing paint or something just to calm down.

#Brandon Jerwa:: DISCLAIMER:

MesH Iversen:: lol

#Brandon Jerwa:: DON'T HUFF PAINT, DUMMY.

StaticEngine:: *paint*

ClanKiller:: Thx B.

#Obsidian:: Question: It's been mentioned that Cobra-La would never be used in the comic. Is that still true or might be see some kind of 'what if' story?

ClanKiller:: *sniff*

#Brandon Jerwa:: Paul, put that bag down.

LeonardoTDragon:: Alison then Obsidian

#Brandon Jerwa:: Alison: babies?

LeonardoTDragon:: Alison: "Will any babies be born to Joes?"

#Brandon Jerwa:: Not to any of the Joes, no...

#Brandon Jerwa:: *cackle*

#HitandRun:: cobra babies?

#HitandRun:: lil destro?

#HitandRun:: lol

#Obsidian:: I call Baroness!

ClanKiller:: Cobra WAWAWAWAWAWA

Alison R Hart Burnett:: Question: What about Marissa Faireborn?

LeonardoTDragon:: Obsidian, then Alison

MesH Iversen:: ahh no off spring for scarlett, and snake-eyes

#Brandon Jerwa:: Obsidian: I've been told that many folks are afraid that the CC scene in #34 was a portent of Cobra-La. It's not.

#Brandon Jerwa:: Never.

#Brandon Jerwa:: Ever.

#Brandon Jerwa:: Ever.

HelaViper:: QUESTION: Do you need any "props" for your con appearances? Like costumes or the like?

#Obsidian:: <- Hasn't had time to read #34 and embarassed to admit it.

LeonardoTDragon:: Alison, then Hela

#Brandon Jerwa:: Although I told Josh they should be in Joe/TF III...

MesH Iversen:: was just a j/k

cjdimaster:: question: when will red dog have a bigger role?

LeonardoTDragon:: Alison, Hela, then CJ

#Brandon Jerwa:: Obsidian, your chowder hole is closed off now. Shame.

#Brandon Jerwa:: Hela...

#Obsidian:: doh.

#Brandon Jerwa:: props?

ClanKiller:: FYI: time is 9:44 PM

mrfstr:: Question: Any thought to a secondary title ala Special Missions... in continuity using the lesser used characters?

HelaViper:: life size Joes and Cobras

#Brandon Jerwa:: I had my picture taken in Orlando with a woman dressed as Scarlett...that was a good prop.

MesH Iversen:: 7:44 here

HelaViper:: stuff like that

#Brandon Jerwa:: Yes, she was all propped up.

LeonardoTDragon:: Alison, Hela, CJ, the Mfstr.... Hold questions again, please.

DoctorKent:: mmmm....Orlando Scarlett.

HelaViper:: may I give you a link?

the Silent Master:: question: So Snake Eyes has a ninja clan all to himself now? So are they Joes? Or useful?

#Brandon Jerwa:: PM it to me, please.

HelaViper:: ok

#Brandon Jerwa:: on the board, not teh chat.

the Silent Master:: d'oh! sorry Leo

HelaViper:: I gotcha

#Brandon Jerwa:: ok, ok. I'm lost again.

LeonardoTDragon:: Alison, Hela, CJD, MFSTR, SM.... no more for a MINUTE!

SunCe66006 joined

LeonardoTDragon:: Alison: "Marissa Faireborn?"

EagleEyeJoe:: *pulls out 2 x 4* that means quiet


DoctorKent:: Question: how many questions before Leo has a breakdown?

#Brandon Jerwa:: Alison: Marissa may appear in a story with a bit of a different format...*whistles*

SunCe66006:: hi brandon.

#Brandon Jerwa:: next?

Alison R Hart Burnett:: lol

LeonardoTDragon:: *pulls out manual and looks for banning tools....*

MesH Iversen:: lol

EagleEyeJoe:: *hands Leo the ban manual*

LeonardoTDragon:: Hela was about Props.

SunCe66006:: oh man, i'm getting banned already?

#Brandon Jerwa:: wait, I answered that.

#Brandon Jerwa:: SM?

LeonardoTDragon:: Mrfstr "Second title like Special Missions"

#Brandon Jerwa:: Ok.

mrfstr left

#Brandon Jerwa:: CJD: Not likely, but we are going to really branch out and keep doing the sort of ancillary mini-series and one shots.

#Brandon Jerwa:: next?

#Brandon Jerwa:: SM NInja Clan?

LeonardoTDragon:: SM "Snakes Eyes-- a clan unto himself"

#Brandon Jerwa:: Wait, no Mrfstr.

#Brandon Jerwa:: Right, right.

#Brandon Jerwa:: SM:

mrfstr joined

#Brandon Jerwa:: The fate of the Red Ninja clan is something we'll see not far from now.

#Brandon Jerwa:: Snake-Eyes is in control of them, with T'jbang tending them while he's gone.

#Obsidian:: awesome, I loved the red ninja arc...totally didn't see the end coming

#Brandon Jerwa:: Thanks!

ClanKiller:: Question: Anything BIG in the works for Cobra Commander?

#Brandon Jerwa:: They'll ne in MA II.

the Silent Master:: neat....good to know they are around with SE facing Wraith soon

#Brandon Jerwa:: be

#Brandon Jerwa:: ok, who's next?

falcon671:: QUESTION: Are we going to see any more issues between Duke and Flint or was that a one time deal?

LeonardoTDragon:: CK, then Falcon.

LeonardoTDragon:: CK: "Anything BIG for Cobra Commander" (Someone's obsessed...)

Alison R Hart Burnett:: Question: Are we going to see anymore Frontline comics (especially Flint and LJ's wedding)

#Brandon Jerwa:: oh,. right.

LeonardoTDragon:: CK, Falcon, then Alison.

#Brandon Jerwa:: CK: Cobra Commander is going to be where everyone wants him to be very soon. I hear you all talking, and I've been listening the whole time.

cjdimaster left

#Brandon Jerwa:: Sometimes you have to break down to build up.

#Brandon Jerwa::

ClanKiller:: Got it.

ClanKiller:: * puts away his blue hood*

LeonardoTDragon:: Falcon "More issues between Duke and Flint?"

#Brandon Jerwa:: Falcon: Duke and Flint have some resolving to do.

Alison R Hart Burnett:: cool

#Obsidian:: Question: What do you think of the Joe card game, as a fan?

LeonardoTDragon:: Alison, then Obsidian.

#Brandon Jerwa:: That's not something that will just go away, and I VERY RARELY have them say things that aren't important.

EagleEyeJoe:: we have 6 minutes left of scheduled time

#Brandon Jerwa:: Those two guys are old friends.

LeonardoTDragon:: Hold all questions for now....

#Brandon Jerwa:: Alison: No more Frontline. Minis and one-shots!

StaticEngine:: See ya! Time to go home.

Alison R Hart Burnett:: okay

StaticEngine left

#Brandon Jerwa:: Wave to Paul, everyone.

#Brandon Jerwa:: Ok.

#HitandRun:: bye Paul

#HitandRun:: lol

#Brandon Jerwa:: Who asked about the card game?

MesH Iversen:: how does the comic that is coming with ninja battles set tie in with continuty, or is it stand alone.

MirageArmy joined

#Obsidian:: <- raises hand about TCG

SunCe66006 left

SunCe66006 joined

#Brandon Jerwa:: Obsi,

LeonardoTDragon:: Obisidan: LIke the card game?

MirageArmy:: Good God almighty! So many People!

#Obsidian:: MA...cool innit? :D

#Brandon Jerwa:: the card game was fun to work on. Wizards of the Coast is LITERALLY ten minutes from my house and I can't find the game anywhere in twon.

#Brandon Jerwa::

#Brandon Jerwa:: town.

SunCe66006:: you're that close??? oh man, i gotta move south

#Brandon Jerwa:: Yeah, I'm in Tukwila, WA.

SunCe66006:: shoot, i thought renton... i'll shut up now so the others can ask away

EagleEyeJoe:: and I think that catches us up

LeonardoTDragon:: Mesh: "Does the comic that comes with the Ninja Battles set tie in with continuity?"

HelaViper:: Question: Do you buy the toys? Or are you strickly a comic fan?

mrfstr:: Question: Brandon... you've been at this since #26 solo, the

Cerpentor story w/Josh... earlier you mentioned something like that your time is coming up... dHow long do you see your run on the book being?

#Brandon Jerwa:: Anyway, I hope they let me work on it again. It looks cool and it was fun to play. Andrew Swenson helped a lot on that job as well.

EagleEyeJoe:: so much for caught up

LeonardoTDragon:: Okay.... no more questions as we've only got 3 minutes left.

#Brandon Jerwa:: Leo, nope.

#Brandon Jerwa:: I mean, I guess it technically could...

#Brandon Jerwa:: and wait until yous ee the art, folks!

#Brandon Jerwa:: Very cool.

the Silent Master:: for what? Ninja Battles?

Brandon Brigance:: testing?

SunCe66006:: what if the question isn't joe-related? i suppose this is only joe...

MesH Iversen:: for the ninja battles comic

#Obsidian:: I think we've all been drooling over the Ninja Battles set since we saw the promos for it!

MesH Iversen:: o yes

#Brandon Jerwa:: I've read the animation script and the way they address some key Arashikage issues is almost shocking for Hasbro.

#Brandon Jerwa:: I was waaaaay impressed.

Brandon Brigance:: Awesome

MesH Iversen:: that is great stuff, cant wait to see it

#Brandon Jerwa:: I'll stay to get caught up.

#Brandon Jerwa:: For a few, anyway.

Prime Op joined

SunCe66006:: hi op

LeonardoTDragon:: Hela: Do you buy the toys or just comics?

#Brandon Jerwa:: Prime!

Prime Op:: Hey, everybody

SunCe66006 left

MesH Iversen:: welcome prime

#Brandon Jerwa:: Hela, both.

#Brandon Jerwa:: Big time.

mrfstr:: Prime! little late

Prime Op:: Sorry, been kinda busy lately

#Brandon Jerwa::

mrfstr:: :D

#Brandon Jerwa:: who's next?

LeonardoTDragon:: MRFSTR: How long to anticipate being on the book?

LeonardoTDragon:: This is the last OFFICIAL question.

#Brandon Jerwa:: MRF, I just don't know. I'd like to be on it for many years to come, but in the end, that's up to Josh. We have a new editor, Mark

Powers, and that's honestly been a period of adjustment for me.

#Brandon Jerwa:: *more*

#Obsidian:: Brandon, wanted to say I stopped by theDD booth in San Diego and was sad to hear you couldn't make it. Thanks for answering all my questions.

mrfstr:: Brandon... I want to thank you for taking the time to do this and for answering the questions... thanks a lot!

LeonardoTDragon:: More questions, Dr. Jerwa?

EagleEyeJoe:: I think he has more to add to that one question

#Brandon Jerwa:: Mark is FANTASTIC, but he's there to edit the book, and that means a much more serious scrutiny than Josh and I shared.

LeonardoTDragon:: *hangs head in shame once again*

#Brandon Jerwa:: We've gone from a one-hour phone call to do notes to e-mails over literally weeks.

Billy Kingsley aka El Camino Billy joined

Billy Kingsley aka El Camino Billy:: Howdy

Prime Op:: Hey Billay!

mrfstr:: Billy!

MesH Iversen:: Whats crackin billy?

#Brandon Jerwa:: And with the changes in Reloaded staff, sure...I get nervous at times. But I also think they believe in me, or they wouldn't have given me the job.

#Arashikage Storm joined

Billy Kingsley aka El Camino Billy:: Hey, is this Brandon's special chat? Sheesh I forgot...I automatically assumed I'd be in Ohio by now!

mrfstr:: Speaking of Reloaded... have you talked to Chuck Dixon?

Billy Kingsley aka El Camino Billy:: Hey Jim, Mark, MI

#Arashikage Storm:: good lord, is there room for me here?

#Obsidian:: Well hopefully they see how much the fans enjoy your work...and they'll keep you on for a good long time.

Billy Kingsley aka El Camino Billy:: ET all

#Brandon Jerwa:: I'm perfectly happy with a longer editorial process, and more focus on good storytelling, but I'm also thin-skinned.


Billy Kingsley aka El Camino Billy:: Hi Harry

#Arashikage Storm:: hello

#Brandon Jerwa:: So, the short answer is: I hope to be on teh book for a long time.

#Arashikage Storm:: Brandon, can i shoot a question at you?

#Brandon Jerwa:: Ara, go for it. I'll take four more questions, guys...after Ara.

MirageArmy:: Is there a chance to resurect a series with the Special Missions title?

#Arashikage Storm:: thanks

MirageArmy:: guess that's 2

#Brandon Jerwa:: Yup.

#Brandon Jerwa:: 3 more.

EagleEyeJoe:: Harry, then Mirage

LeonardoTDragon:: AS, Mirage, then 3 to be determined.

the Silent Master:: question: can I have a job as martial arts consultant?

#Brandon Jerwa:: Ara, go ahead.

HelaViper:: You gonna be in Mn next year? Wanna grab a brew?

MirageArmy:: LOL

EagleEyeJoe:: let's hold questions.. we're backing up again

MesH Iversen:: umm Beer

#Brandon Jerwa:: Ara?

EagleEyeJoe:: AS, Mirage, then Hela

#Arashikage Storm:: I was really stoked to think we were getting a NOTHER new DVD with Ninja battles. now i see it that it is in "comic form" with 4 minutes of new footage. since you said you read the script, how does it translate to DVD form?

MaroonTyphoon joined

#Brandon Jerwa:: Ara, I haven't actually seen it yet.

#Brandon Jerwa:: Just read the script.

#Arashikage Storm:: ok

#Brandon Jerwa:: I know the art for the comic is super-cool, very stylized and different than their usual style.

#Arashikage Storm:: i was pretty stoked, til i saw it was not a whole DVD

#Arashikage Storm:: but the playset looks cool!

#Brandon Jerwa:: I guess I wasn't aware that it was not all animation.

#Brandon Jerwa:: Hmmm.

#Brandon Jerwa:: Dunno.

#Arashikage Storm:: it is in the press release on Joesightings

#Brandon Jerwa:: Mirage, no Special Missions.

MesH Iversen:: the figs and the place set is great for the price, the dvd, and comic is just a cool bonus

MesH Iversen:: Play set*

#Arashikage Storm:: oh, i agree, i was just dissapointed

MirageArmy:: ok, gotcha. :)

LeonardoTDragon:: 2 more AFTER SM.

#Brandon Jerwa:: SM, as far as martial arts consultant PM me (through this board, not the forum, please) with an informal resume pertaining to that job and your contact info.

#Brandon Jerwa:: I'll take a look at it.

the Silent Master:: woohoo!

mrfstr:: Any words with Chuck Dixon regarding Reloaded?

MesH Iversen:: cheers for SM

LeonardoTDragon:: One more after MRFSTR

#Brandon Jerwa:: Hela, I'm not opposed to it, but ask Mr. Leo Dragon...I was hoping to buy him lunch in Orlando and leaving the table ended up being a damn sight harder than I expected.

Dantho joined

Prime Op:: Hey, Dan

#Obsidian:: question: can you give us something to salivate over, without giving anything major away about an upcoming Joe story?

mrfstr:: DANTHO!!!

HelaViper:: Con closes

LeonardoTDragon:: Hey, I was going to buy YOU lunch!

#Brandon Jerwa:: hahahaha

Billy Kingsley aka El Camino Billy:: Hey Dan

LeonardoTDragon:: Obsidian has Last question...

Dantho:: sorry I'm late, but I brought beer

#Arashikage Storm:: I thought i was gopnna buy you BOTH lunch!

#Brandon Jerwa:: Mrf had one...

#Obsidian:: hehehe Dantho always has beer...

LeonardoTDragon:: MFRST, then Obsidian.


Flash is here joined

#Brandon Jerwa:: No conversation with Chuck.

HelaViper:: Hey Jay

Flash is here:: Party in the house!

Flash is here:: hey all

Prime Op:: Jay!

#Brandon Jerwa:: Never even met the man.

Billy Kingsley aka El Camino Billy:: Hey Jay

#Brandon Jerwa:: He's aweome, though.

#Brandon Jerwa:: or, awesome.

DoctorKent:: Road Toad - string, hook, 2 missiles, graffiti of someone named "Russel" on the bottom

LeonardoTDragon:: Obsidian with last questions.

#Brandon Jerwa:: whichever language you speak.

HelaViper:: Rob, whack Billy with the 2x4...he is using italics!!!!

DoctorKent:: Disregard

EagleEyeJoe:: *WACK*

MesH Iversen:: lmao

mrfstr:: Dixon rocks... maybe you can work on a story with him... (hopes)]

Billy Kingsley aka El Camino Billy:: I always use italics Jon

#Brandon Jerwa:: ok, Obsidian. this is where I give the ball back to you: what do you want to know?

#Brandon Jerwa::

HelaViper:: new rules tonight...Brandon is girly special

MirageArmy:: must be accidental typo :P

#Brandon Jerwa:: Pick a topic.

#Obsidian:: Um...Drednoks!

#Brandon Jerwa:: Ok.

#Brandon Jerwa:: Dreadnoks are, as mentioned earlier, definitely coming back.

Flash is here:: Ah...forgot about the little discussion tonight...

#Brandon Jerwa:: And the whole famn damily will be joining them.

Billy Kingsley aka El Camino Billy:: Including Zandar?

Dantho:: me too

#Brandon Jerwa:: Florida's going to be busy soon.

Destify:: question: favorite beer

the Silent Master joined

#Obsidian:: Sweet deal! That put a big old grin on my mug. :D

Flash is here:: Heartbreaker?

Billy Kingsley aka El Camino Billy:: Hey Fred

Flash is here::

Flash is here:: Hey Fred

#Brandon Jerwa:: Destify: Dick's Tripel.

mrfstr:: Got a question for Leo... When is the Great Race 2 coming about (and maybe doing this here will strongarm Brandon into participating)

MesH Iversen:: molson Canadian

the Silent Master:: I missed it!

Destify:: never had it light or dark beer

#Brandon Jerwa:: and that's it for me.

Prime Op:: Whoa... two Silent Masters... but which is the true master?!?!?!

LeonardoTDragon:: Okay guys.... that's it for Brandon.

#Brandon Jerwa:: thank you guys for coming.

ClanKiller:: Gnite & thanks Brandon.

Destify:: NO NO

Flash is here:: Hell...I'm still working on the first one

Destify:: thank you!

#Arashikage Storm:: thanks Brandon!

EagleEyeJoe:: Thanks for coming Brandon!

LeonardoTDragon:: Thank you for coming tonight!

#Obsidian:: Thanks again Brandon, great stuff!

MirageArmy:: Thanx Brandon!

the Silent Master:: thanks!

MaroonTyphoon left

Billy Kingsley aka El Camino Billy:: Thank You Brandon

#Brandon Jerwa:: wish I could stay longer, but Joe #40 ain't gonna write itself....

MesH Iversen:: Tkz brandon

#Brandon Jerwa::

falcon671:: thanks for coming by brandon

#Brandon Jerwa:: see you tomorrow.

Billy Kingsley aka El Camino Billy:: Maybe now you can be a regular again?

Prime Op:: Thanks for stopping in Brandon (even though I got here late as a


EagleEyeJoe:: if you didn't get your question answered, come back tomorrow night.. he'll be doing it again at 6pm cst / 7pm est

the Silent Master:: I'll write it! stay and answer more

LeonardoTDragon:: Remember--- part two, tomorrow night at 6pm CST.

Billy Kingsley aka El Camino Billy:: or semi-regular

#Brandon Jerwa:: Leo will keep you posted on the prize drawings!

#Obsidian:: oh yeah! I forgot all about the prizes! :D

#Arashikage Storm:: what prizes?

Billy Kingsley aka El Camino Billy:: I'll be out of that one

#Brandon Jerwa:: semi-irregular might be a good name for it.

HelaViper left

the Silent Master:: woohoo! prizes!!

Prime Op:: "This one's through, but wait for part two!" (Ice-T at the end of Breakin')

MesH Iversen:: Prizes

Billy Kingsley aka El Camino Billy:: be on the road to Ohio

mrfstr:: Thanks for being here, Brandon!

Billy Kingsley aka El Camino Billy: We miss you buddy

#Brandon Jerwa: Bye, everyone! And give Leo your praise...and your money!

(#Brandon Jerwa left)

MirageArmy: And more BEER! :)



Wednesday's prize winners were: Obsidian (comic) & DoctorKent (Storm Shadow)

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