Research & design by Paul Kinnear
JBL Technical Manual

Research & design by Paul Kinnear

The G.I. Joe Technical Manual is a unique on-line guide to the vehicles and technology of the G.I. Joe universe. The content of this section is not fan-fiction, but rather it is a series of well-researched profiles containing the observation, theories, and research by Paul Kinnear.

The G.I. Joe Technical Manual is the unique and comprehensive guide to the science and technology behind the fiction, and attempts to apply real science and physics to the fictional universe of G.I. Joe, as to provide the most accurate and plausable explanation to what is seen during the ongoing releases of G.I. Joe toys.

Military inaccuracies plagued many of the toy releases during the 1980's and also in the new G.I. Joe line. It is often irrational and impossible for Hasbro designers to really tap the Department of Defense and other military specialists for assistance in fine tuning the "techno-babble" being used in a toy line. Sometimes they would succeed in crafting toys that were very nearly straight out of any of the branches of the service...sometimes not.

Listed in this section are the rational explanations as to how the science and technology of G.I. Joe would look and work in the real world for many of the most popular vehicles.

We hope you enjoy this Technical Manual.

Air Assault glider   Air Assault glider
Assault Quad   B.A.T.
Armor Bot   Crimson Attack Tank
Battle Blitz   Crimson HISS
Brawler   Dominator
Conquest X-30   FANG III
Locust XH-1(a)   HISS II
Missile Storm helicopter   HISS III
Night Attack Chopper   HISS IV
Patriot Grizzly tank   Mantis
Road Rebel   Rattler
Rockslide   Ringneck
Sand Razor   Treadfire
XP-14F Skystriker   Venom Cycle
Skysweeper   Wave Crusher
Snow Cat    
Wave Crusher    


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