G.I. Joe Collector’s Club releases Final Twelve figure images

All good things must come to an end.  Or, as is the case with the G.I. Joe Collector’s Club, all licenses must come to a conclusion.  Either way, the G.I. Joe Collector’s Club has released the last image of their “Final 12” roster of figures which will be going up for pre-order shortly. 

Since JBL has apparently been slacking off lately with individual reveals, here’s a look at each of the “two-packs” as well as some thoughts on the roster as a whole. 

The Final 12 – composite courtesy of the Surveillance Port

Just a quick note: it was announced at the last Joe Con that these figures would be sold in pairs.  If you want one– you have to get its pack-mate as well.  Without further adieu, let’s start the breakdowns…

Adventure Team

GI Joe Collector's Club Final Twelve Adventure Team Black Spider Rendezvous Coils o'Doom

I won’t lie– I love the Club’s 1:18 Adventure figures.  I bought them all when they came out and even snagged a second set during the brief window that they were on clearance.  In fact, I always wanted MORE Adventure Team offerings in the FSS but that was seemingly not to be.  That fact that the “Joe” in this set is an update to the classic Black Widow Rendezvous set is fantastic.  (Although I am 100% sick to death of that backpack by now.)

Coils o’Doom is interesting.  Apparently the name is a nod to a gag from the Regular Joes podcast which is an one-the-nose reference to the Trapped in the Coils of Doom vintage AT set.  The color scheme implies a connection to the 2013 Crimson Asp figure which is a nice bit world building from the Club.  I won’t lie– I’m not 100% crazy about the reuse of the HIGHLY DISTINCTIVE FSS 2 Cesspool head.  It just means another #TWINNING photo in the future.

Slaughter’s Marauders

GI Joe Collector's Club Final Twelve Slaughter's Marauders Low-Light Barbecue

Honestly, I’m surprised that these two figures weren’t offered at Joe Con 2018 as souvenir items.  In fact, I’d have put money on their inclusion– and apparently lost.  Both Barbecue and Low-Light are vintage-accurate updates to their classic 1989 original decos.  It also means that their 2011 Slaughter’s Marauders 7-pack versions are now superfluous in the eyes of some collectors.  It’s almost as if the Club didn’t care for the updated decos used in that set…

Sonic Fighters

G.I. Joe Collector's Club Final Twelve Sonic Fighters Dodger and Viper

Okay, now we’re firmly into DiC era territory here.  (I’m sorry I even mentioned that animation studio.)

Dodger is a mostly 1990 accurate repaint of the 2017 Joe Con Dodger.  Personally, I wasn’t a bit fan of this subset so this figure doesn’t seem to be quite as essential in my eyes.  However, I look for him to be easily available on the secondary market because of his pack-mate.

Joe fans love troop builders and I have the feeling that the Sonic Fighters Viper will be no exception.  Essentially another 1990 repaint— this figure appears to be built on the terrific 2011 Viper body.  Hardcore fans with deep pockets will end up wanting more than one of these guys which is probably what the Club is banking on to sell this set.  However, at Club prices acquiring more than one of these isn’t going to be cheap.  This would have made for a great 3-pack in my opinion.

GI Joe Collector's Club Final Twelve Sonic Fighters Falcon Road Pig

Hey kids– more DiC!  This time it’s two characters that actually appeared in the series too!

Falcon is an homage to his 1991 release.  Parts build was inexplicable changed from his previous released and features a return of early 25th anniversary era legs.  It’s an odd choice but then again, Falcon was pretty much treated like garbage in the DiC series after a promising feature debut in G.I. Joe: The Movie.  This isn’t an essential update in my eyes.

Sweet merciful Zeus– what the heck happened to Road Pig in 1991?!!!  I get that he’s not supposed to be the sharpest tack in the box but this is just painful.  Yes, it’s a faithful recreation of his 1991 design but why did the Club change the legs used in the fantastic 2011 version?  It’s like he skipped Leg Day and slapped on neon green armor to hide his shame. 

Tiger Force

GI Joe Collector's Club Final Twelve Tiger Force Hit & Run Psyche-Out

Ah… Tiger Force.  If you didn’t kill me with your US color palate you’re certainly making a grand attempt with the European decos. 

For a character that didn’t see much action during the ARAH era, Hit & Run has enjoyed quite the renaissance these past few years.  This homage to the 1991 European release is the fifth version of the character since 2009. (It’s the fourth release of this parts build!)  I actually like the deco on the pants; without the harness this could be “weekend shopping Hit & Run”.  He’s probably the least offensive of all of the Tiger Force decos and that’s saying something.  I just don’t know if he’s an essential purchase.

I feel like Psyche-Out’s deco is a hold over from the era of 1970’s disco.  Sure, this is a decent attempt to replicate his 1991 European release and yet some changes were made.  This sleeves and boots are no longer white but rather a matte gray.  I don’t quite get it but then again I’ve never been able to get inside the minds of the Club’s in-house designers.  Fans of glam rock and Tiger Force are going to dig this one.  The rest of us?  Maybe not so much.

GI Joe Collector's Club Final Twelve Tiger Force Blizzard Tunnel Rat

Okay, I’m just going to say it.  The Club can’t give us a yellow version of Scoop to save their lives but they can reuse his head to make “yellow snow” Blizzard?!!! 

I realize that the Club is all about a near religious adherence to the vintage color schemes but Blizzard is sparely sporting anything “tiger” in his deco.  The original 1991 European release had a tiger-striped center panel.  This version has a patch so small you’d think it was a stain from an unfortunate spaghetti lunch.  Seriously– I’m not a fan of Tiger Force but this figure makes me angry for those who are. 

Tunnel Rat fares somewhat better.  His deco is quite close to the 1991 European exclusive version although the entire palate seems to have had its brightness setting turned up to “11”.  It could just be the mock-up but his costume seems more appropriate for Mardi Gras than any type of military operation.  Of course, that’s true of MOST of this sub-team.  Another non-essential update in my eyes.

So there you have it– a quick look at the six two-packs that compose the G.I. Joe Collector’s Club Final Twelve figures.  The last update from the folks at Fun Pub indicated that pre-orders for these figures will go live by the end of November.  Given the fact that the final reveal dropped today I’d say the odds are good for orders to begin either Friday or Monday.  After all, the Club wants to be sure to avoid dinging your budget around Black Friday, right?  Oh wait…  No word yet on pricing but I’m betting a full set of these will cost as much as the last FSS.  (Essentially $385.00 or so.)

In my opinion, this isn’t the strongest of rosters.  Rather than go out with a BANG! we’re ending with a more of a whimper.  Sure, Tiger Force fans are probably pretty ecstatic but rather than more repaints of the same characters it might have been nice to have seen a traditional Hard Ball or even a Lightfoot debut in this roster.  Instead, the Club ends with a 1990’s flair and an in-joke that created an Adventure Team character. 

And now you know…

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  1. I hope the pre-orders go up on Monday because I’ll have the funds by Wednesday. I guess I can do another FSS (which is basically what we’re getting here in terms of repaints) plus Zartan and his motorcycle. I’m digging the four Euro Tiger Force guys, (sorry, Fred) Sonic Fighters Lt. Falcon and Dodger, and Coils O’ Doom, so the pluses outnumber the minuses in this, the very last club offering. There are a LOT of club and convention figures which I’m still missing, (and may never afford to get) so I’m throwing my helmet into the ring again because this might truly be the end for some time.

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