G.I. Joe FSS 7 Skidmark stops you in your tracks!

The G.I. Joe Collector’s Club continues the FSS 7 previews with a look at Treadmark… uh… SKIDMARK!

G.I. Joe Collector's Club FSS 7 Treadmark Skidmark


(Inspired by the 1988 action figure.)
Includes: removable vest, assault rifle, pistol,
combat knife, and figure stand.

Holy orange hunting vests, Batman!  Skidmark looks pretty good!

Okay, I’m just going to clarify this here and now.  While the stand says “Treadmark” we all know who this is.  It’s Skidmark; in fact, it’s a direct homage to the one and only 1988 Skidmark release. His code name was changed– maybe for legal reasons or maybe because his original name makes Joe fans giggle like a bunch of second graders.  Regardless, I’m just going to call him Skidmark from this point on.

I like the overall build– quite a lot in fact.  The Renegades Cobra Trooper head works quite well in recreating the original vintage look without resorting to overused parts.  The original color scheme is still present– bright orange hues and all.  While some fans might have preferred a more subdued look at the Desert Fox driver, this certainly maintains the spirit of the original design.

(Of course, the unsheathed knife tucked into his vest is a safety nightmare but that’s the subject for a later PSA.)

Sure, he looks like a stereotyped rendering of a deer hunter but so did the original and that’s okay by me.  Another solid preview from the Club!

For those who are keeping score, here’s the roster of FSS 7:

  • Arctic Cobra Commander – based on the cancelled two-pack version
  • Budo – G.I. Joe Samurai
  • Crystal Ball – Cobra Hypnotist
  • Dreadnok Salvage Crew – Code name: Dreadnok Kaos
  • Dusty & Sandstorm (v3) – DiC era Desert Trooper and coyote
  • General Hawk (1991) – DiC era jet pack version
  • Ice Viper Officer – based on the Club’s Flaming Moth version
  • Kangor – International repaint of Big Boa
  • Stalker (Tundra Ranger) – DiC era cold weather version with kayak
  • Treadmark (aka Skidmark) – the Desert Fox driver returns
  • Tiger Force Kim “Jinx” Arashikage – based on the 2003 six-pack version
  • Tomax – inspired by the Shattered Glass/Sunbow look

The FSS 7 page is LIVE now and accepting subscriptions!  The cost of the thirteen figure set (including the bonus piece) is $375.00 plus shipping. Place your order prior to December 4, 2017  and keep your eyes peeled to GIJoeClub.com for more previews.

2 thoughts on “G.I. Joe FSS 7 Skidmark stops you in your tracks!

  1. Torso and knife: 25th Anniversary Snake Eyes
    Arms: POC Snake Eyes
    Legs, rifle, pistol: ROC Paris Pursuit Snake Eyes
    Vest: ROC PIT Commando

  2. I have the European version of the Desert Fox and it includes three file cards in different languages. Treadmark was the code name used on the British file card. My guess is that the club went with it for lapsed trademark reasons.

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