Arctic Dr. Mindbender Review

arctic dr. mindbender

I never thought I’d own an Arctic Dr. Mindbender figure.  More importantly, I never thought I’d want to own an Arctic Dr. Mindbender figure.

When this figure was announced at the 2014 G.I. Joe Collector’s Club, my reaction was less than enthusiastic.  After all, who would want a figure based on a character’s appearance in just a few short scenes in the animated G.I. Joe: the Movie?  Plus, hadn’t Mindbender already been released back in 2009?  Was there really a need to update him?  Apparently, there was and the result is surprisingly… well, you’ll have to read the review to find out this Joe fan’s opinion!

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4 thoughts on “Arctic Dr. Mindbender Review

  1. I ended up putting the head on a POC Iron Grenadier body with a Retaliation Flint helmet. It looks great. Can’t say I ever understood why Dr. M was shirtless in the first place. Was he a particularly buff scientist? The Renegades CC body is kinda neat, but I draw the line at light purple

  2. Great review. I was actually going to sell my fig until I read your review and really looked at the head sculpt. It’s just a neat figure, and it had surprised me how much I like it. I was most definitely less than impressed when the figure was announced, but now, it seems pretty cool.

    • He’s just oddly fun and I can’t entirely explain why. Perhaps it’s the completely ludicrous nature of the entire design or just the fact that it’s Mindbender but I can’t help but LOVE this figure. Who’d have thought it possible?! 🙂

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