Nerdist News Discusses Toy Soldiers War Chest

Last week, the teaser trailer for Toys Soldiers War Chest blew the collective minds of video gamers everywhere.  With its mash-up of armies both inspired by and from classic 80’s toylines, action figure collectors everywhere cheered with glee at the thought of pitting He-Man against Duke and the Masters of the Universe vs. G.I. Joe.

It seems that toy collectors weren’t the only ones that geeked out over Toy Soldiers War Chest.  The always lovely Jessica Chobot of Nerdist News offered her own commentary on this genre-smashing RTS game.  Check out the video below:

However, that’s not all. New images have surfaced from the game itself that offer a few tantalizing clues as to what exactly Joe fans might see within the game itself.

’83 G.I. Joe Headquarters?  Check!

HAVOC?  Check!

Bazooka? Check!

Mobile Command Center?  CHECK!

MOBAT and Flash?  Check and CHECK!!

Sure, some of my non-toy collecting gamer friends are exciting about seeing He-Man grace their consoles and PC’s come this Fall in Toy Soldiers War Chest but this long-time Joe fan can’t wait to put the forces of G.I. Joe to the test against those Eternian posers!  After all, He-Man’s green sheet certainly doesn’t say “Man of Action.”

What do you think?  Are you pumped for this game?  Does it feel like another video game gimmick?  Would you rather see something more than just 80’s nostalgia nods?  Leave your thoughts in the comments below!