G.I. Joe FSS 4 Inferno BAT revealed

It’s another G.I. Joe FSS 4 reveal!  Things are heating up with the Inferno BAT!

g.i. joe fss 4 inferno bat


(Based on the variant Cobra action figure!)

Includes: backpack with four removable hand attachments and figure stand.

I understand that the Club loves using Photoshop to show off their G.I. Joe FSS mock-ups but much like Captain Power Barricade, I’m not feeling it.  The original Inferno BAT from 2003 was a mostly translucent take on the classic 1991 BAT v2 this one is an odd mixe of the 25th Anniversary BAT and, well, thanks to the digital mock-up, I’m not certain whose boots those are.

When it was announced, I was hoping for a 25th BAT that merely used more red translucent parts just like the original.  I’m not really certain what’s going on here but I’ll reserve final judgement when/if an actual physical prototype is shown– hopefully prior to shipment.

The sign-up deadline is Tuesday June 9, 2015!  So, if you’re interested in G.I. Joe FSS 4.0, just hit the link below and sign-up before it’s too late!

Do you dig this new digital mockup of the Inferno BAT?  Wish that we’d see actual prototypes for G.I. Joe FSS 4 before the sign-up ends?  Do you even care about this figure one way or another?  Leave your comments in the field below!

2 thoughts on “G.I. Joe FSS 4 Inferno BAT revealed

  1. The 25th BAT should have been retired years ago. Cyber Ninja, Data Viper (without the head), and The Cobra Combat Ninja (alternate head) all work better for robots

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