G.I. Joe Collector’s Convention Starts Tonight

2014 G.I. Joe Convention Joe Colton

Tonight’s the night– the Golden Ticket pick-up for the G.I. Joe Collector’s Convention!  That’s the time where the fans with premium passes get early access to the 2014 Zombie Initiative and Codename: G.I. Joe convention sets!

JBL will not be onsite this year due to some “real world” issues however good friend of the site Mike Breaux of TheBreauxShow.com is attending this weekend and will be posting several updates throughout the next few days.  You can follow him directly on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/thebreauxshow.  JBL will also repost news here on the front page as it is reported.

Also, be sure to check out the coverage over at YoJoe.com and GeneralsJoes.com as Justin “General Hawk” Bell is on scene for the 50th Anniversary celebration of “America’s Movable Fighting Man”!

To all who are attending– have a great weekend!

For more information on this year’s convention, visit GIJoeCon.com!