G.I. Joe Collector’s Club FSS Big Bear Review

G.I. Joe Collector's Club FSS Big Bear

It’s a bit of a dry spell for collectors out there– with no new 1:18 product hitting until Fall at Toys R Us.  Thankfully, the final shipment of the G.I. Joe Collector’s Club FSS dropped not one but three figures into the hands of Joe fans recently.  It was a decidedly Oktober Guard heavy shipment (which is never a bad thing) that included a certain fur-capped Russian Anti-Armor Specialist.  Oh yes, comrades, I’m talking about Big Bear!

What did two Joe fans think of this bearded Sean Connery look-a-like?  Head on over to the G.I. Joe Collector’s Club Review Index and find out!

Plus, check back tomorrow as Dragonsky goes under the lens!

One thought on “G.I. Joe Collector’s Club FSS Big Bear Review

  1. I think this review is a bit harsh on the head sculpt, of which I am a big fan. I agree that the green color, in calling back to the prior figure, looks dated and off. I ordered two and will be popping off both heads and putting them on more modern bodies.

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