Toy Fair 2014 Coverage Coming Later Today

toy fair 2014


Just a quick reminder– JBL’s coverage of the Hasbro Brand Entertainment Preview Event from Toy Fair 2014 will be going live later today!

Good friend of JBL, Mike Breaux of The Breaux Show has braved the East Coast winter weather to make the trek up to NYC to attend the event which starts at 1pm EST today.  As soon as he’s able to report back, we’ll post coverage of whatever Hasbro’s plans may be for the G.I. Joe 50th Anniversary.

There’s been a lot of speculation as to what, if anything, Hasbro will be doing to commemorate this half-century of the first action figure.  My own opinion is that we’re not likely to see anything before Q3 2014– meaning that more information could potentially be revealed at Comic Con 2014 than at Toy Fair this year.  However, that’s just my opinion– it’s not based on any insider knowledge.  Whatever the folks in Pawtucket decide to do, we can all agree that G.I. Joe has provided countless boys and girls, men and women with a source of inspiration and imagination over the past 50 years.

You’ll be able to view the coverage HERE as it is submitted!

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