New Jersey Collectors Con figure revealed as G.I. Joe’s Salvo!

Fans of custom figures in the G.I. Joe community are probably familiar with the name “Kevin Watts.”  Know for his imaginative parts use and mind-blowing painting skills, Kevin is the mastermind behind the Canv-HISS project showcased at the 2013 G.I. Joe Collector’s Convention.  He’s also the project lead behind last year’s amazing Metal-Head fan figure that was given away at the New Jersey Collector’s Convention.  Well, it would seem that Kevin and his talented crew of customizers are back in action once again– and have revealed this year’s NJCC exclusive giveaway figure.


New Jersey Comic Con Salvo

Right now, I really really HATE Kevin.  I had the same reaction after last year’s Metal-Head figure.  It’s not because it’s a bad figure or anything like that.  It’s due to the simple fact that there is no way I’ll be able to obtain one of these.  The figures are door-prizes– given away to attendees of the NJCC and are not officially sold in any other capacity.  Also, they’re custom figures produced by hand– meaning that the production run is INSANELY low.  I was fortunate to see a “prototype” of this figure at Joe Con this year and I can say that is doesn’t disappoint.

If you’re in the area, here’s information on the NJCC:

New Jersey Collector’s Con

Holiday Inn Cherry Hill – New Jersey
2175 West Marlton Pike (Rt. 70), Cherry Hill, NJ 08002
Sunday, April 28th, 2013

NJCC Facebook page.

More information on this figure and the event can be found over at

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  1. It’s a shame that it’ll be so limited ’cause I love Salvo. He even went with the striped helmet seen on the vintage card art. Awesome!

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