Marvel Universe Nick Fury at for $14.99

This is almost entirely un-related to G.I. Joe in every way but it’s too good of a deal not to share. recently has been dumping a lot of the Marvel Comics Online exclusive Universe figures lately at $14.99 a piece– which is a far cry from what you’d end up paying for them on the secondary market.  Today, they dropped one of my all-time favorite characters at the bargain price!

Nick Fury

That’s right– the ORIGINAL Nick Fury in 1:18 scale form is available for a FRACTION of what I ended up paying for him about 2 years ago.  Originally the only way to get Colonel Fury was to subscribe to Marvel Comics Online, pay the $66, fill out a form and mail it in.  Trust me, this is MUCH simpler!

Now, I’ll throw out the disclaimer– he’s not as detailed as some of the recent 30th Anniversary G.I. Joe offerings but this is Nick Fury we’re talking about here. Cigar-chomping Hydra-smashing Director of SHIELD Nick Fury!  He gets a pass on things like that!  Plus he comes with the insanely cool rifle that he wielded during the end of the Civil War crossover and a jet pack.

C’mon– you know you want to snag him!  Quit gold-brickin’ and get on it!

Marvel Universe Nick Fury @

If you need more incentive, here are a few promo images of the figure!

3 thoughts on “Marvel Universe Nick Fury at for $14.99

  1. Thanks for the heads-up!!! I managed to grab one seven hours after you posted this, so I second the motion: Go get him! Nick Fury has a strong tie to G.I. Joe what with Larry Hama’s original plans for the line and he’s also one of my favorite Marvel characters ever. And he’s bargain priced to boot!

    • Don’t feel bad, Chuck. I stumbled across this late in the game as well. Apparently the X-Force Archangel has been up as has the “unmasked” Doom. I was keeping an eye peeled for Old Man Logan but no dice thus far!

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