Joecon 2012: Voltar revealed!

Heeeeeere’s Voltar:

Wow– didn’t see this one coming at all.  Destro’s General was only ever given ONE figure in the classic ARAH era and that was back in 1988!  This version works– in a way that the IG’s weren’t for me.  Featuring a good mix of existing and new tooling this is pretty darned fantastic update to a fairly obscure ARAH-era character.  (Who’d have thought the Accelerator Suits would see some new use?)  Seriously– from the colors to the parts chosen, this is about the best possible parts combo for the character outside of a 100% newly tooled figure.

It just makes you wonder if someone is going to start producing 1:18 vultures to go with him.

Well played, Collector’s Club.  Well played.  Just two more figures to be revealed!

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