Joecon 2012: Brekhov revealed!

Even with Botcon in full swing, the Collector’s Club manages to drop a surprise on Joe fans today.

Feast your eyes on Colonel Ivan Nikolevich Brekhov, commander of the Oktober Guard and hero of the USSR!  The good colonel has been without a new figure since G.I. Joe comic pack #6 and the club seems to rely heavily on the Rise of Cobra Destro figure to bring him to life.  Of all of the figures shown thus far, this one seems to be the most “off model” and yet still manages to capture the essence of the plucky Soviet soldier.  I don’t think I can recall ever seeing the good Colonel with his collar fastened and the tie is at odds with his often “rumpled” appearance.  Brekhov always struck me as a soldier who cared more about results than a spit-and-polish appearance.  Still, it’s good to see him released in updated plastic form.

I wonder what his beloved aunt Ludmilla thinks of this?

With three down in terms of reveals, can Stormavik and Horrorshow be far behind?  Will Dragonsky make an appearance?

Keep your eyes on the 3 3/4″ Set Previews Page for more details!