Custom spotlight: G.I. Joe meets Transformers in this awesome Soundwave custom!

I have a confession to make– like a lot of GI Joe fans, I’m a bit of a closet Transformers fan.  Granted, my favorite era of Transformers was “Beast Wars” which may or may not hinder my “bot cred” but I’m also a fan of early G1 as well.  There’s something oddly classic about those first few series of Autobots and Decepticons that utterly transports me back on the nostalgia train to the early 80’s.  So, you can imagine my shock/delight/utter joy when I first saw this image on the web the other day:

Insanely talented customizer, friend of JBL, and all around great guy Pierre Kalenzaga (aka “Airmax” from RTM) recently unveiled one of the most AWESOME custom mash-ups I’ve ever seen.  Taking the classic G1 Soundwave design and transposing it into 1:18 scale GIJoe form, he’s created a masterpiece of custom work.  Even better– he made 5 of them!!  (At this time TWO of them might still be available for sale.)

Here’s Pierre’s original comments on the figure (which includes custom Lazerbeak and features a real working lenticular on the chest):

To all my toy friends – just wrapped up this custom project. Five custom carded GI Joe scale Soundwave figures with Laserbeak drones. Four of them are for sale ($80). If you’re interested, please drop me a line. Spread the word :0)

You can check out more of Airmax’s work at his personal website!

I simply cannot love this custom design enough!!