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Sunday, April 19, 2009
New G.I. Joe Rise of Cobra listings!!!!!
My manager friend came through with some new G.I. Joe lisitings. No UPCs this time cause it does take longer for him to get and really from the few messages I het when it hits other sites, not many people can use them.

Basic Figure Assortment $7.88

ZARTAN DSRT (Zartan Desert)
RIPCRD DSRT (Desert Ripcord)
STRM SHADO NINJ (Storm Shadow Ninja)
DSTR DEEP FRZ (Destro Deep Freeze)
DUKE PLR ASST (Duke Polar Assault)
SNOW JOB PLR (Snow Job Polar Assault)
Movie Offscreen 2 Packs $13.96


TNNL RT VS MNKY (Tunnel Rat vs. Monkeywrench???)
SCHKBLST VS NIGH (Schockblast vs. Night Creeper???)
GUNGHO COPPR ( Gung Ho vs. Copperhead)

Mid Size Vehicles $15.97

ARMD PANTHR W/O (Armoured Panther w/ ????)
DFNDR X7 9 W/A (Defender X9 7 w/ ????)
HISS ATK SET W/ ( Hiss Attack Sentry w/ ?????)
ICE CTTR W/ SNO (Ice Cutter w/ Snow Job again????)

Larger Vehicles $24.88

SNOW CAT W/ WHIT (Snow Cat w/ Whiteout??)
COBRA FURY ALLE (Cobra Fury ?????)

???Size Vehicle $39.88

ECHO DBACK W/ ST (Echo Class Diamondback w/ StratoViper???)

So, “offscreen packs”– apparently the replacement for the comic packs?  Could some of the character designs for the fantastically amazing Resolute series be seeing release under the movie banner?

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