Kansas City Here We Come!

 The GI Joe Collector Club has posted the con brochure online and details of the exclusives have been revealed!

GIJoeCon Figure Sets

As in past years, there are two different outstanding GIJoeCon sets that every  G.I. Joe collector will want to add to their collection.
Once again, the club has worked very hard to bring you only the highest quality and most innovative sets possible!
Crimson Strike Team Set

To celebrate the G.I. Joe brand’s 45th Anniversary, Hasbro has granted the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club a special edition of the 25th Anniversary sculpt 3 3/4”  figures for the return of the Crimson Strike Team!

These convention exclusive versions of the Crimson Twins, Baroness and a set of twelve “army builder” style Cobra Vipers will once again appear in their unique crimson deco. Each fan favorite comes with their classic weapons and accessories in this exciting 2009  fifteen figure boxed set!
Make sure you are there for package pick-up on Thursday night so that you won’t miss this year’s souvenirs! These souvenirs will feature members from the highly sought after G.I. Joe international teams. These limited edition figures will have a major role in the convention exclusive comic book. The Joe team needs all the help it can get in keeping Cobra from completing their World Domination’ plans!*
Eight Legs of Danger Set

After the huge success of our Adventure Team convention sets, the AT is back in their latest adventure:  Eight Legs of Danger!

The AT Commander has dispatched the Land Adventurer to a remote South American Jungle to investigate the disappearance of all the wildlife in the entire ecosystem. The Land Adventurer arrives and begins his search of the area but can’t find any sign of the jungle’s indigenous creatures. As he forges deeper into the jungle, he discovers the entrance to a cave which leads to a mysterious underground passage. Once inside he makes a discovery that chills him to the bone, spiders, unlike any he has ever seen before. Narrowly escaping with his life, he radios AT Headquarters and calls in an airdrop of the special equipment he needs to handle the problem. Peril and danger surely lie ahead. As the Commander always says, “This will be a tough assignment!”

This vintage style adventure includes: Super Articulated G.I. Joe Land Adventurer, AT Micro-Dog Tag, Fire Helmet, Satellite Radio, R.A.I.D. Flame Thrower, Command Paradrop R.A.I.D. crate and parachute, Rain Poncho, Bush Hat Climbing Harness and Rope, Silver Protective Jumpsuit, Back Pack, Belt, .45 with holster, Machete with Scabbard, Hennessey Ultra Light Backpacker Hammock (1/6 scale), Canteen with Cover, Jungle Shirt and Pants Uniform, Brown Boots, Short Yellow Boots, 3 Tarantulas and a display box with art by Larry Selman! We know you will love this exclusive


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