Monday Morning Briefing!

  •  Joe movie 2                       The big news as of late was the Air Date of the GI Joe Resolute cartoon. Hasbro has still not confirmed if this is true or not, Hopefully we will hear something soon!
  •  The Create  A Character contest deadline is approaching but you still have time to get your entries in. 
  • Gary AKA Cmderinchief  has posted some in hand pics of Sgt. Stone. While no one is sure who this figure is, he sure has some interesting possibilites.
  • Speaking of in hand pics our friends at the Terrordrome have in hand pics of  Movie Firefly and Cobra Commander.
  • For you Comic fans GI Joe issuse 4 came out last week and you can read what people are saying about it.  
  • Finally for my fellow wrestleing fans yesterday marked the 25th anniversary of Wrestlemania. HHH reatains his Championship, Cena Wins Championship, Undertaker 17-0, Santino Marrella crowned Misss Wrestlemania.
  • Stay tuned to JBL for more news as it comes in!