G.I. Joe FSS 8 Recoil will whip it good!

The G.I. Joe Collector’s Club has unveiled the preview for the upcoming member of Devo… uh.. LRRP Trooper Recoil!

G.I. Joe Collector's Club FSS 8 Recoil

Code Name: RECOIL
(Inspired by the 1989 action figure.)
Features re-tooled mine case & dual weapon!
Includes: removable helmet, tactical harness, pistol,
assault rifle, mine case, dual tactical weapon,
backpack, combat knife, radio, and figure stand.

Recoil occupies an interesting space in G.I. Joe to me. He was released not long after I stopped actively buying figures so I have zero nostalgia attached to him.  He was also pictured on the package of the Battle Force 2000 Pulverizer as the driver without actually being a member of that ill-fated team.  (Dodged a bullet there, didn’t he?)  I discovered the character as an adult during the “hiatus period” post DTC but pre 25th Anniversary and found his design to be interesting.  Sure, there’s the whole Devo helmet and the baby blue weapons but aside from that his figure design and file card made him an interesting character to this Joe fan.

So, how does the FSS 8 version compare to the vintage 1989 Recoil?

Many of the elements that comprise this figure shouldn’t come as a surprise.  The 30th Lifeline head, the helmet from the Retaliation Ultimate Flint, the back pack from the 25th Falcon— these are all no-brainers considering that the new tooling dollars went into recreating a vintage mine case.  (I still don’t understand the logic of this decision but it’s not my call.)  Thankfully, the tooling dollars weren’t spent on baby blue weapons.

I will say– I like the overall combination.  The camouflage looks great and the parts are all quite functional.  This should be a figure that works for both play and display and ultimately that will make this Joe fan happy.  I will mourn the loss of the Devo helmet but, in all honesty, this helmet choice looks pretty darned good. It’s not a perfect match for the original but without new tooling it’s the best we’re going to get. If only the mine case tooling had gone toward the helmet instead…

As we near the home stretch here’s the full roster for G.I. Joe FSS 8:

To sign-up for the series and get your own Captain Grid-Iron, visit the FSS 8 sign-up page before May 2, 2018 today!