G.I. Joe FSS 8 Red Laser emerges from the shadows

The next G.I. Joe Collector’s Club FSS 8 preview has been posted and it’s the nemesis of Action Force —  Red Laser!

G.I. Joe Collector's Club FSS 8 Red Laser

Code Name: RED LASER
(Inspired by the European exclusive action figure.)
Includes: removable helmet, advanced combat rifle,
laser pistol, Red Shadows flag, and figure stand.

The build for this particular should come as no surprise to anyone.  The original 1983 Red Laser was a repaint of the 1982 Cobra Commander packaged with a repainted HAL. The character was billed as a weapons tech for the Red Shadows organization– the arch foes of the UK Action Force.  According to his bio, he was a former member of a Japanese terrorist organization prior to joining up with Baron Ironblood.

For this figure, the Club seems to stick with the original Red Laser concept.  The FSS 8 version utilizes what appears to be the torso, arms, and head of the Retaliation “Ultimate” Cobra Commander but adds in some variety with the lower legs of the Rise of Cobra Destro.  It’s a good look for this Action Force foe that helps to somewhat differentiate him from the leader of Cobra.  Somewhat…

Like a lot of US G.I. Joe fans, my knowledge of the Red Shadows comes from perusing the fantastic site BloodfortheBaron.com which is the most comprehensive online resource for the Palitoy action figure line. It’s nice to get some Red Shadows characters in an FSS roster although it looks like Red Laser will be the only one coming unless the Club decides to pull a rabbit out of their hat this year.  With that in mind I can’t help but wonder if this slot might have been better filled with another member of Action Force to join Quarrel, Jammer, Gaucho, and Captain Skip.

For those filling out their FSS 8 BINGO cards, here’s the full roster for G.I. Joe FSS 8:

  • Blizzard
  • Bullet-Proof
  • Bushido
  • Captain Grid-Iron
  • Clutch (1984 version)
  • Fast Draw
  • Lt. Clay Moore (Cobra)
  • Munitia
  • Over Kill (2003 version)
  • Payload
  • Recoil
  • Red Laser
  • 13th Bonus Figure – ????

To sign-up for the series and get your own Captain Grid-Iron, visit the FSS 8 sign-up page before May 2, 2018 today!