SDCC 2015 Desert Duel review

SDCC 2015 Desert Duel


The SDCC 2015 Desert Duel exclusive set review has been posted!

This year was a pretty good year for SDCC exclusives.  The Crimson Strike set featured two new vehicle deco’s and four exclusive figures.  Yet, it only told half the story– which was completed in the Toys R Us exclusive SDCC 2015 Desert Duel set.  This set featured only two exclusive characters over the standard retail version that’s starting to hit stores now but it also introduced the Joe fandom to the upgraded FOE Striker and Cobra Basilisk!

Want to know what two long-time Joe fans thought of the SDCC 2015 Desert Duel set? Did the FOE Striker live up to the hype? Is the Cobra Basilisk going to replace the familiar HISS Tank any time soon?  Can Fred and Chris agree on anything this time around?

The answers to these questions and more await in the SDCC 2015 Desert Duel review!  You can check it out either by clicking on the image above for by visiting either the Exclusive Review Index or the 50th Anniversary Review Index here at JBL!

Plus, stay tuned to JBL as the first shipment of the 2015 50th Anniversary two-packs arrived today!

One thought on “SDCC 2015 Desert Duel review

  1. I’m not a fan of concept material. Might as well be Sentinel toys or whatever the hell they sell at Big Lots and Target.

    I personally only love cannon/Larry Hama Joes. I want figures like the 50th Gung Ho. The 25th Gung Ho looked like Mr. Belvedere with hepatitis. I want to see Chuckles in his blue/green/pink hawaiian shirt. Where the fuck in Big Lob? How about a Zarana we all can afford? Glad to see Alpine making an appearance, but why not add Quick Kick or Outback? Some mass produced Club figures would be nice. They actually seem to know what fans want.

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