SDCC Kre-O Slaughter’s Marauders Review

SDCC Kre-O Slaughter's Marauders

The 2015 SDCC Kre-O Slaughter’s Marauders set has been reviewed!

When it comes to both Sgt. Slaughter and Kre-O, I know of no bigger fan than Todd Weinzierl of JBL’s sister site  So, when it came time to review this set I had to seek out the expert– and luckily he was willing to share his thoughts on the SDCC Kre-O Slaughter’s Marauders set that has taken the fandom by storm this summer.  After all, many fans thought that they’d never see Hasbro have the opportunity to produce another Sgt. Slaughter figure again!

Was this set a hit with Todd?  Would he rather have seen Lego have the license?  Did he have trouble opening all of those itty bitty plastic bags?  To find out the answer to these questions as read what Todd thought of the new improved Kreon bodies, head on over to the JBL Exclusives Review Index and see find out what Todd thought of the SDCC Kre-O Slaughter’s Maruders set.  (You can also get there by clicking on the image above as well.)

While you’re at it– head on over and check out all of Todd’s AMAZING G.I. Joe graphic design work over at!