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I’d like to begin by thanking Fred for asking me to contribute with a review of the exclusive SDCC G.I. Joe Kre-O set, and also thanks to Chris Chung for without whom this review would not be able to happen.

“Just when we thought we were out… Hasbro pulls us back in! “

The Hasbro team hinted during the 2015 International G.I. Joe Convention that fans could expect to see a Kre-O exclusive for G.I. Joe at San Diego Comic Con. With the retail Kre-O line in a state of limbo regarding new releases and finding a distributor, special exclusives at SDCC and The G.I. Joe Convention are the only current means for G.I. Joe Kre-O fans to feed their hunger for new product.

Continuing the food analogy I would have to say Hasbro has delivered an appetizer of amazing packaging, a main course of two classic G.I. Joe sub-teams - Slaughter’s Marauders and the Iron Grenadiers, and tops it off with a delicious dessert of a Triple ‘T’ Kre-O build. Don’t be alarmed if you can’t enjoy this set in a single sitting. You can always load leftovers back into the plastic ditty bags… itty, bitty, ditty bags.


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Slaughter's Marauders Iron Grenadiers Triple T & Conclusion


Imagine the year is 1990 and you’re entering into a Sam Goody or Suncoast Pictures looking for your favorite Real American Heroes on VHS to bring home to watch repeatedly until the cassette wears out. That describes the memories invoked when I first opened the box containing the SDCC Kre-O set.

The Kre-O packaging is designed as if it were a VHS bundle containing two single slipcases and a dual slipcase. In each single slip case we discover the Kreons packaged on card backs resembling classic A Real American Hero packaging. The larger slipcase, which contains the Kre-O tank build, is designed to resemble the classic Triple-’T’ vehicle packaging originally released in 1986. When the three slipcases are placed side-by-side they display SGT Slaughter on one side and Destro on the other.

The packaging is truly remarkable. The levels of detail begin at the outer box and extend all the way through to the figures and Kre-O build inside.





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